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  • Recent College Graduate Blog- Budgets

    January 1, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    As a recent graduate, one of the most important things that I’m learning is how to budget my expenses. Now that I have my first job and my first apartment, I have to figure out a way to pay for all the necessities, and leave some money left over to have fun with.

    This task is especially daunting during the holidays, when I’m most anxious to be with my friends and loved ones to spend quality time together. This season, I made my spending choices carefully and figured out where I could save money, while still having fun. The following are a few of the key ways I stayed within my budget this holiday season:

    • Went for a fun girl’s-night-out with my close girl friends in lieu of exchanging gifts. My close girl friends and I we went to Sips n’ Strokes where were created art and brought snacks and wine, instead of our usual gift swap.
    • Shopped for my family’s Christmas gifts on eBay. I was able to comparison shop, and find great deals on the items I was looking for. As an added bonus—I didn’t have to waste my gas or my time in the hectic holiday shopping madness!
    • Filled my Christmas wish list with things that I actually needed, rather than just wanted this year. For the Wi-Ex white elephant, I snagged a Blockbuster gift card, which I can use instead of going out to the movies one night. I also got a Wal-Mart gift card that I asked for to help pay for some items that I need for my apartment. My family pitched in by gifting me work outfits and necessities, so I won’t have to get them myself.

     By paying closer attention to my spending this year I was able to exchange gifts and spend time with my friends and family while staying within my budget. I’m excited that I was able to do this, because starting in February I need to start paying back my student loans. That should certainly make things more interesting in the New Year!

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