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  • One Day Only - Facebook and Twitter Sale!

    September 30, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Wow, look at these falling prices!  Not only has zBoost permanently lowered the price of the zBoost Car Unit from $299 to $179, but for the next 24 hours Twitter and Facebook fans can receive an additional $50 off, for a final price of only $129.  This promotion is a thank you to our loyal Twitter and Facebook fans. 


    zBoost YX230 Car Unit



    Not already following us on Facebook or Twitter?  Just click on Visit Wi-Ex at the top of the page and you can easily subscribe to both Twitter and Facebook by clicking on their icons. 

  • National Work & Family Month

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    October is National Work & Family Month

     Today I am at the office writing this blog post for a past due deadline, my carpool for my 7th grader just fell through, (so I need to leave the office as soon as my 2:00 conference call is over) and my 17 year old had to drive himself to the pediatrician for the first time when he became sick at school today.  Thankfully, this kind of day is not a daily occurrence but many of us could use a little balance in our work and family life.

    Below is an excerpt from Seven Ways You Can Win the Battle to Control Your Own Life, this article by Kathie Lingle, the Executive Director of Alliance for Work-Life Progress was recently, posted on

    Recent surveys have confirmed what we already knew to be true: the recession has contributed to heavier workloads, higher stress levels and lower morale among American workers.

    This October is National Work & Family Month, unanimously approved by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008. Everyone who works - employers and employees - should use this annual opportunity to re-commit to winning the battle of balance. Workers should use this time to take steps to strengthen their physical, mental and financial health. Companies, meanwhile, should take stock of their management strategies in order to maintain productivity and alleviate the burden on their employees.

    Seven Ways You Can Win the Battle to Control Your Own Life

    Whether you're an employer or an employee, during National Work & Family Month, dedicate yourself to these seven principles of work-life effectiveness.

    1. Take Time to Care for Your Dependents - Today, families need all hands on deck to survive, financially as well as psychologically. Men, you are in trouble. Not only are you earning fewer college degrees, but you have lost a disproportionate share of jobs in this Great Recession. The most recent findings from the National Study of the Changing Workforce reveal that men are now experiencing more work-life conflict than women. Fathers, be more involved in your families, both childcare and eldercare. Understand your employer's policies on paternal leave and support for dependents, and take full advantage of them. While many corporate programs are open to all employees, studies show that men use them the least. Step up to the front lines and take your stand as full partners in the defense of your hearth and home.

    2. Prepare for the Worst - With the threat of a swine flu pandemic more imminent as fall approaches, find out what your organization's telework policies and programs are for salaried as well as hourly employees. Knowing if your job qualifies for telework will come in handy because even though you may not get sick, if you have young children they may have to stay home from school. Work out a battle plan with your spouse/partner right now, so you are prepared should one of you be laid low while the other soldiers on.

    3. Be Flexible - Mothers, give up the guilt. Studies have shown that the development of young children is not hampered by their mothers joining the workforce. Guys, real men flex a lot more than their muscles, so get with the program for the good of your own well-being and that of your family. With many flexible working options increasingly available (yes, even in this economic climate), there is an option (or combination of options) that is sure to meet your needs, including compressed workweeks, telecommuting, job sharing, and part-time schedules. KPMG, the audit, tax and advisory firm, won AWLP's much coveted Work-Life Innovative Excellence Award earlier this year for their program that encourages teams to arrange a rotating schedule for employees to use the gym during lunch, or for each member to choose a day of the week to leave early. By encouraging KPMG's professionals to work together to achieve work-life and career satisfaction, the team realizes flexibility while offering the highest level of service to clients. Now that's an offensive maneuver that scores!

    4. Find Financial Support - In this time of economic stress, the balancing act extends to your checkbook. Many companies are providing financial management resources and coaching to help with foreclosures, loan modifications, college planning, etc... Pepsi Bottling Group is another award winner, offering a free service called HealthyMoney Program that empowers PBG's 35,000 employees with the knowledge, tools and confidence to build life-long financial stability. Employees have access to the HealthyMoney Call Center and receive a HealthyMoney Workbook that includes self-assessments, helpful tips and targeted activities to walk employees through key financial decisions and build personalized action plans. Take a page from Pepsi's book and use any and all resources provided by your employer to get your own finances in gear.

    5. Take Time Off - Time to spend with loved ones and in one's community is the most fundamental element of work-life. Even if you can't afford a real vacation, at least take some time off to relax and enjoy a "staycation." Many employees, especially members of Gen Y, are concerned about their job security and are addressing their layoff concerns by cutting back on vacation time. Why win the battle and lose the war? Bone up on the facts about how people who don't take vacation die at significantly higher rates and younger ages. If this is your idea of a life, then you owe it to your family to bulk up on life insurance.

    6. Get Involved in Your Community - Corporate citizenship includes not only external community outreach, such as company giving (foundations or direct), but also a renewed focus on building a strong internal sense of community. Don't have time to volunteer? Formal ethics programs, shared (or catastrophic) leave banks, and disaster relief funds are some of the creative new ways of taking care of each other. A study by the Hidden Brain Drain Task Force, a groupof multinational companies committed to global talent innovation, found that people are looking for a remixed set of rewards: flexible work arrangements and the opportunity to give back to society. That was true before the downturn hit and remains so even as its full brunt is being felt.

    7. Change with the Times - Replace the words "family-friendly" with "work-life." Not all employees are married and have families. Single people have lives too, so they can resent being overlooked when it comes to access to quality-of-life-enhancing support. Help your employer ensure an equitable distribution of work-life benefits to everyone who has a life. Be quick to speak up when you encounter naysayers who have adopted Ebenezer Scrooge or Atilla the Hun as role models. That's leadership, and it doesn't always come from the top. Changing a culture to fit today's flexible, virtually distributed world isn't quick or easy, but that's why you are needed on the front lines of this battle.

    Read more at:

  • Sporcle

    September 24, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Calling all trivia fans! This site is the ultimate online trivia site and with more categories than anyone can count this site will never grow old on you. On Sporcle you can play, create new trivia games, create a profile, and keep up with your trivia stats.

    With Sporcle you can also choose your game by the popularity, difficulty, rating, and most up to date. There are also categories for anything you can think up. If you are in an educational mood and want to teach your family some American history you can choose the U.S. Presidents category. If you are a 70’s music fan you can choose this category. Around our office the popular category is The Sound of Music trivia game. 

    I do warn you; once you become a Sporcle fan you will officially have a new hobby. So grab your computer, get your friends around the table and Sporcle!

  • Attack Against the Germs!

    September 23, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Being someone who caught the flu at a trade show last week, I have spent some of my downtime thinking about the germs that are passed around at huge events of this kind.  During my bed-ridden time I came up with a plan of attack against the flu germs that get so many of us down at huge events. Use these following 5 tips in order to stray away from germs getting passed to you:


    Hand sanitizing station at CEDIA


    1. Anti-Bacterial Sanitizer

    It has become a new trend to have sanitizing stations at these events and for good reason. Make sure you use these sanitizing stations often! Since you are meeting and greeting so many people there will be a lot of germs transferred with handshakes.

    2. Vitamins

    I don’t want to sound like your mother but taking your vitamins really does make sense. If your immune system is ready to fight the germs then you will be at less odds of getting the bug going around.

    3. Pockets

    Keep your hands in your pockets or at least at your side. Touching objects like handlebars and door knobs is a sure way to come into contact with the germs floating around. If you are a girl take advantage of the gentlemen holding the doors for you, it is one less chance you have at getting the bug. Another great way of not touching a door handle is to keep the napkin you used in the restroom to dry off your hands and open the door with it, then toss in to the trash as you are walking out.

           4. OJ

    Have a drink of OJ with breakfast. Calcium is one of the best fighters of the flu bug so have a glass or two with your breakfast the morning of the event.

    5. Personal Pen

    Pens are another carrier of the germs of every person that has dropped by a booth so carry around your own pen and use it instead of the pen at a booth for you to use.


    Some of you may think a few of these tips are over doing it but once you catch the bug you will wish you had followed these. Use these to your advantage and be one less person that has to suffer this season.

     Happy Flu Fighting :)

  • zBoost your Cell Signal and Eliminate Dropped Calls on your Commute with a MORE Affordable Solution

    September 22, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Wi-Ex passes on product cost-savings to consumers on the zBoost YX230

    Atlanta, GA – September 22, 2009 – Wi-Ex (, the leading provider of consumer cell phone signal boosters, announced an unprecedented price cut on its cell phone signal boosters for the automobile. The zBoost YX230, a cell phone signal booster for vehicles, was previously priced at $299 MSRP.  The zBoost YX230 price has been reduced to $179 (MSRP) – a 40% cost-savings passed on to the consumer. The savings are a result of a decrease in the product costs resulting from more efficient components and manufacturing.   zBoost YX230 eliminates dropped or missed in-vehicle calls and works with all phones and carriers simultaneously, except Nextel.  It does not require cradling the phone.

    “This represents an incredible opportunity for commuters to save money on our zBoost YX230 and it’s just in time for the gift-giving season,” says Sharon D. Cuppett, vice president of marketing.  “The time people spend in their vehicles has increased over the years, and people try to use their time wisely.  When sitting in stopped traffic, it’s intuitive to touch the phone to check emails or the internet. It’s nice that when using our zBoost, the consumer’s iPhone/smartphone is not cradled.  We are pleased to offer this affordable and uncradled solution with a savings of up to $120.00 per unit on the zBoost YX230.” 

    zBoost: Affordable Technology That  Works

    All Wi-Ex products feature patent-pending technology to protect the carrier network. zBoost offers a suite of products that improve in-door cell phone signals through the creation of cell zones. They are easy to install, affordable and increase in-building or in-vehicle coverage. The zBoost product line allows consumers to take full advantage of voice, data and Internet services on their mobile phones, including 3G high-speed data and video, instant messaging, pictures and more.  On average, consumers upgrade their cell phones every 18 months. Contrary to a femtocell, which ties consumers to a carrier, the zBoost line of products allows consumers to change carriers to enjoy the latest handsets and cost-savings, without worrying about losing their improved cell phone signal.


    About Wi-Ex (

    Wi-Ex (, the leading provider of consumer cell phone signal boosters, developed zBoost, the first consumer-priced signal booster for the small office/home office (SOHO) cell phone market. Wi-Ex manufactures and distributes the zBoost line of cell phone signal extenders for the home, office or car.  The zBoost product line works with most carriers in the US and abroad including AT&T, Sprint, Vodaphone, Verizon and T-Mobile. They were selected as a 2007 Consumer Electronics Association Innovations Honoree by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). They also were selected as a finalist for the 2007 and 2009 CTIA Emerging Technologies (E-Tech) Award.  As the leader, zBoost has more awards, more sales and more locations than all their competitors combined. Wi-Ex recently announced its newly developed, innovative products for the commercial (over 25,000 sq ft) and the international (900Mhz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz) markets.

  • Money Saving Tips

    September 21, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    The DJI is closing in on 10,000 but many people are still out of jobs and home foreclosures are on the rise.  Is the recession coming to an end or will 2010 be a continuation of 2009?  No one knows for sure, so we continue with our money saving tips. Here are five tips from the See their full list of 100 tips at

    1. Encourage your friends to do less expensive activities. This is often a tricky thing to do, but there are a number of techniques you can try. My favorite one is to be the first one to suggest something – that often gives you the power to steer the group towards things that are cheaper. If you can convince your friends to go to the park and shoot hoops instead of going golfing, those green fees are going to stay in your pocket.

    Police officer2. Don’t speed. Not only is it inefficient in terms of gasoline usage, it also can get you pulled over and cost you a bundle, as I discovered a while back. It’s highly cost-efficient to just drive the speed limit, keep that gas in the tank, and keep the cops off your tail.


    3. Read more. Reading is one of the cheapest – and most beneficial – hobbies around. Most towns have a library available to the public – just go there and check out some books that interest you. Then, spend some of your free time in a cozy place in your house, just reading away. You’ll learn something new, improve your reading ability, enjoy yourself, and not have to spend a dime. Here are some more techniques for getting into the reading flow.

    4. Drive a different route to work. This is an especially powerful tip if you find yourself “automatically” stopping for something on the way into work or the way home. Get rid of that constant drain by selecting a different route that doesn’t go by the temptation, even if the new route is a bit longer. You’ll still be time ahead (because you’re not stopping) and you’ll definitely be money ahead.

    5. Air seal your home. Most homes have some air leaks that make the job of keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter that much harder – and that much more costly for you. Spend an afternoon air sealing your home – the DoE has a great guide on basic air sealing.

    Please share your cost savings methods so we can share them with our readers, by emailing me at  Check back next month for additional cost saving tips.

  • "Into Tomorrow" at IFA

    September 18, 2009 - Leave a Comment

     Sharon Cuppett, VP of Marketing with Wi-Ex, caught up with the "Into Tomorrow" with Dave Graveline crew at IFA to talk about the new zBoost International product line!  Grab a Friday cup of coffee and enjoy :)

    Make sure to check back next week to hear John Davis, director of operations, and Sharon discuss the zBoost Professional products from CEDIA!

  • Site of the Week -

    September 17, 2009 - Leave a Comment
    Do you ever get tired of spending hours in your local book store reading the back of the books hoping to find a good read out of the enormous selection?  If your answer is yes then is for you.  This free book lover’s website makes your “library” of books easy to organize and share.
    Once you register for free you can add friends, look up book reviews, review information about books, recommend books, start a book club, and much more.  The best part about this site you is you can customize it to your tastes. When you sign up you will get three default “shelves” that are books read, currently reading, and to read. You can re-name any of your “shelves” and  look up books by many different categories such as author, book title, and many more. This site is a book lover’s community that will lead you to many pages turners.

    To create your own personal digital library now visit

  • CEDIA Wrap Up

    September 16, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    The Wi-Ex team had a very successful CEDIA!  The training classes, zBoost 3G Shoot Out and the "Into Tomorrow" broadcast were very successful.  

    As you can see from this picture CEDIA attendees lined up for their shot at the zBoost 3G Shoot Out!  The basket looked easier than than it turned out to be.





























     Also make sure to check out the broadcast of "Into Tomorrow" with David Graveline this week.  Check out their site for "Our coverage from the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, GA airs this weekend. Special thanks to Wi-Ex for hosting our broadcast!"



  • Wi-Ex Launches zBoost 710 for Installers

    September 12, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Wi-Ex  launched its new zBoost 710 for custom installers today at CEDIA. The newest product in the zBoost CI Series, the zBoost 710, is aimed at providing custom installers with a cell phone signal booster solution for both home and commercial installations. Showcased at Booth #6157, the zBoost custom installer product is designed to create Cell Zones™ in signal-challenged homes and commercial buildings. The zBoost line of products reduce dropped calls and improve cell phone signal indoors, as well as increases signal and speed of aircards, EDGE and 3G technology. “Our new zBoost 710 is designed for the custom installer market. We have listened to our customers in this area and designed the 710 to meet their needs,” said Lloyd R. Meese, CEO of Wi-Ex. “With a new ruggedized case, increased gain and availability to only the custom installer market, the zBoost 710 provides customer installers the ability to offer increased cell phone signal to their customers while at the same time experience increased margins and profits.” According to the zBoost “On the Go” survey, commissioned by Wi-Ex and conducted by Harris Interactive®, 72% of cell phone owners have experienced service problems such as dropped calls (45%), poor signal reception at home (36%) or dead zones at work (34%). The zBoost CI Series is designed to help installers provide optimal in-door cell signal performance. zBoost 710 – Increasing Bars The zBoost CI Series is designed for demanding custom installation application includes homes and professional coverage applications and increases coverage up to 10,000 square feet. The zBoost 710 uses a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) System that captures and amplifies the cell signal and extends a Cell ZoneTM. This reliable product captures and amplifies both the 800MHz signal and 1900MHz bands simultaneously and increases the signal coverage while decreasing dropped or missed calls. Increasing the indoor coverage translates into increased productivity and savings. Some of the benefits include extending the battery life, replacing landlines phones, reducing or eliminating dropped calls and increasing wireless applications such as instant messaging, 3G high-speed data picture mail and more. Available only through and Wi-Ex authorized custom installer dealers, the zBoost 710 features a white ruggedized case designed to meet the needs of custom install applications. Other benefits: • Future compatibility is important for users. For instance, some carriers may use one frequency for voice and another for data on new communication devices. zBoost already works with those newer devices and their carriers • Uses patent-pending technologies that protect the carrier network. • Works on both bands, so the installer and their client do not have to guess what cell phone frequency is being used. The product package includes an antenna configuration system consisting of two receiving antennas, an Antenna for Cellular and an Antenna for the PCS band. An antenna combiner is included to combine the signals from the two antennas onto one coaxial cable for connection to the zBoost Base Unit. For best signal enhancement, the antennas should be installed in the attic or outside where the cell signal may be stronger.

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