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  • Holiday Profiles: Digital Dad

    November 30, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy with zBoost Do you friends and family make a run for the nearest window or door when they are expecting an important call or text or when they want to access the Internet on their mobile? According to the zBoost “State of the Cell Signal” Survey, commissioned by Wi-Ex, the leading provider of consumer cell phone signal boosters, and conducted by Harris Interactive, 70 percent of cell phone owners experience problems with their cell phone service including dropped calls (44%), poor signal reception in their home (34%) and dead zones at work (28%).

    In addition and important to users of the iPhone, Palm and Blackberry, more than 60 percent of cell phone owners use data functions on their cell phones and of those consumers 51 percent experience problems with their cell phone while using data functions. This holiday season help family, friends and co-workers stay connected at home, in the office or on the go.

    The zBoost complete line of award winning consumer cell phone signal boosters and the first plug-n-play cell phone signal booster for consumers makes a perfect gift for everyone on your list. zBoost creates Cell Zones™ for the home, office, car, personal space and travel. zBoost reduces dropped calls and improves cell phone signal indoors, as well as increases signal and speed of aircards, EDGE and 3G technology.

    The zBoost Your Life Holiday Profiles can help connect your wish list with the zBoost fit for their lifestyle.

    Digital Dad

    Target Audience: Male, Business man, Sports Fan

    The Digital Dad and his cell phone rarely part.  He relies on it to stay in touch while at work, at the ball field, on the road or at home. His pet peeve is dropped calls, the inability to download important emails or access the internet.

    According to the zBoost Cell Phone Signal Survey, 70 percent of cell phone owners experience problems with their in-door cell phone service.

    Forget socks and ties, this year give the Digital Dad the gift he really needs, a zBoost cell phone signal booster. He will appreciate receiving important cell phone calls or texts, being able to check email and receiving pictures from the family.

    zBoost Car Unit - $299

    • 3G on the Go: Extends cell signal up to 10x the average strength, allowing miles of uninterrupted voice and data transmissions, including increasing the speed of aircards, EDGE and 3G technology. 
    • Good bye dropped calls: Eliminates dead zones
    • Miles of talking: Extends battery life on your phone for long drives

    zBoost Dual Band - $399

    • Perfect for the home or small office: Multiple phones and carriers simultaneously
    • Fit for the Family: Boost both 800MHz and 1900MHz simultaneously, covering up to 2500 sq. ft.
    • Up with Technology: Increases the speed of aircards, EDGE and 3G technology.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 26, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Wi-Ex would like to wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

    Don’t forget to check out the incredible savings Wi-Ex is offering from Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

  • Shopping Deals:Electronics on Black Friday

    November 25, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Is everyone ready for Black Friday 2010? I've searched the preview deals for the busiest shopping day of the year and so far Wal-Mart wins with the best electronic deals! Although Wal-Mart's deals vary by region, all locations will have great specials. Searching through the Atlanta area deals, I found a 50" plasma HDTV for......$598!!!  That deal is something worth waiting in line for!

    To find the deals in your area go to the website and type in your zip code to preview the deals closest to you! Here are a few more deals I found for the Atlanta area:
    LCD flat screen TV's in the $200 range
    HP laptop for $298
    8' LCD digital photo frame for $29
    TomTom GPS system for $59
    Sony digital camera for $79
    Blu-ray movies for $10
    DVDs going for $9 & $5
    Wal-Mart's Black Friday deals are from 5a.m.-11a.m. Grab a cup of coffee and get out there to the stores. Your gift recipients and your wallet will thank you!

  • Black Friday Deals on zBoost!

    November 24, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    According to data from Nielsen Online, despite the challenging economy, Black Friday traffic to online shopping sites increases 10 percent year over year. Wi-Ex will be running Black Friday deals on their website on Black Friday, November 27, 2009 through Cyber Monday, November 30, 2009.

    Wi-Ex’s Black Friday deals are as follows:

    • The YX110, MSRP $119 will have a Black Friday special price of $79
    • The YX230, MSRP $179 will have a Black Friday special price of $99
    • The YX300, MSRP $169 will have a Black Friday special price of $59
    • The YX400-P, MSRP $249.99 will have a Black Friday special price of $149.

    Give the gift of signal this season with zBoost!


  • Time to Thaw your Turkey and other Thanksgiving Activities

    November 23, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Have you bought your turkey yet?  Is it still frozen solid? The countdown has begun, only three days before Thanksgiving. If you haven’t begun thawing your turkey, you need to get started, or you will be taking extreme measures on Thanksgiving morning trying to thaw out your half frozen turkey.  Also don't forget to take the giblets out of the turkey as it begins to thaw. For detailed information on how to safely thaw a turkey, go to 

    Looking for a new Thanksgiving Day activity?  Here are a few unique ideas.   

    Buy an inexpensive white table cloth.  Put it on a table prior to dinner and have everyone draw their hand with a permanent marker.  They can then turn the drawing of their hand into a turkey and write their blessings on the hand.  Our extended family did it two years ago. We are all gathering together again this year and will be adding slightly larger hand prints to the same table cloth.  It will be fun to compare our blessings of two years ago to the blessings of today and to also see which of the kid's hands have grown the most. 

    Another fun activity is a talent show.  Everyone comes with a talent of some kind.  Now some families are very talented and fine music will be played, poems will be recited, gymnasts will tumble and dancers may twirl, but some families like mine have very little talent, which may turn out to be even more entertaining. 

    After dinner, many will watch football and even take a nap, but a game of touch football or a group walk can be much more memorable, plus you can work off a few of the calories from dinner.  To make the walk more interesting add a leaf collecting competition, with winners for the largest leaf, the most colorful leaf and the most unusual leaf.  You can then lay out everyone's leaves across the front yard and take a picture.  One family than takes floral wire and wires the leaves to a round wreath form to make a beautiful wreath to hang on the door.  

    Finally, the most important activity is to remember and be thankful for your blessings on this day of Thanksgiving. Best wishes for a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

  • Community Involvement:

    November 20, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Looking for a more meaningful way to celebrate the holidays? Let friends and family give the most unique gifts ever: A Heifer animal donation to a family in need. Choose from goats, water buffalo, chickens, and much more. To see the whole catalogue of animal go to

    In Tanzania, Omari and Kulwa were struggling to raise a family on just 50 cents a day. With the training and chicks they received from Heifer, egg sales have boosted their daily income to $2, so they can now buy food and still pay school fees.

    Heifer International was recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey show during the All for Woman Campaign. After seeing this program, my daughter and I bought a flock of chicks and part of a goat. Each donation was only $20. Other options are a whole water buffalo for $250, a sheep for $120 or you can buy parts of an animal for as low as $10.

    In poor Filipino villages, water buffalo from Heifer provide draft power for planting rice and potatoes, milk for protein and manure for fertilizer and fuel. A farmer can plant four times more rice with a buffalo than by hand. Water buffalo haul heavy loads to the market, where the sale of extra produce brings in vital income for clothing, medicine and school. By renting their buffalo to neighbors, Heifer partner families can earn money for home improvements.

    This year instead of another pair of socks or a coffee mug, buy the members of your family a meaningful gift from the Heifer International Gift Catalogue.

  • Wi-Ex Employees Are Thankful

    November 19, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    In preparation for Thanksgiving, Wi-Ex employees got into the spirit this week when we asked them what they were thankful for this year.

    Julie: I am Thankful for my family, friends, health and happiness!

    Desiree’: I am thankful for God’s grace and unmerited favor which offers me blessings, reasonable good health, a job, a loving husband and family, a good church and some very wonderful extended friends and family.

    Roman: I am thankful for a loving family and the best group of friends I could ever ask for!

    Kate:  I’m thankful that I’m able to spend the holidays with my family in Massachusetts.

    Roni:  I’m thankful for being able to spend the holiday with most of my family over this holiday weekend.

    Sharon: I’m thankful that I live in Georgia because it’s 70 degrees in November.

    Bethany: I’m thankful for the unconditional love that I receive from my dogs… and my husband too (I guess).

    Craig: I am so very thankful to have this job with Wi-Ex.

    Rachel: I’m thankful that my 3 children are healthy and happy. I’m also thankful that I’m able to get out of bed every morning and live every day to the fullest.

  • Recipe of the Month- Chipotle Shrimp Pasta

    November 18, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    What you will need:

    • 1 box (1 lb) of bow tie noodles
    • 1 bottle of Lawry's Baja Chipotle marinade
    • 2 lbs of shrimp (tail off and deveined)
    • Olive Oil

    Step 1: Marinade shrimp in the Lawry's marinade for 30 minutes in the refrigerator

    --Helpful tip-- Marinade in a Ziploc bag- when you're done, you can just throw away!

    Step 2: Boil box of bow tie noodles

    Step 3: Spread Olive oil into pan over medium stove top heat

    Step 4: Fry shrimp until pink

    Step 5: Combine shrimp, remainder of sauce, and noodles into mixing
    bowl and mix well.
    Enjoy this meal in under 30 minutes :)

  • Testimonial Tuesday

    November 17, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    This week's testimonial is from Marge and Larry Henize in Franklin, North Carolina. They recently installed a zBoost YX 510 Dual Band.

    Dear zBoost, 

    What an amazing invention you have created!  

    Since we retired, my husband and I live in Florida for six months and in the North Carolina Mountains for six months. Of course, cell phone reception is no problem in Florida, but in North Carolina at 4,000 feet, with mountains between our home and the cell tower, we could only get a very weak signal on our front porch, and that could not be sustained long enough to place a call. 

    Our neighbor in the mountains told us about zBoost, and now his cell phone is his only telephone here.  Our son installed our zBoost this past weekend and the installation was a piece of cake!  Now we get two bars anywhere in the house – and in some rooms we get three bars!   

    What a wonderful thing you have done for us with zBoost.  Now we can enjoy the convenience of a cell phone all year long. 


    Marge Henize

  • Shopping Deals: Shipping Savings

    November 16, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Another great way to save a few bucks during the holiday season is taking advantage of the free shipping deals that retailers offer you. This year stores are trying to get their numbers up with a little persuasion which benefits the shopper more than anyone. The free shipping is online only which means you don’t even have to get out of your pjs to cross a few items off your list. Make a list of the things you will be needing from each store and if it adds up to the free shipping limit then buy them now in order to get this deal. I do have to warn you though….the worst thing you can do is to buy random items just to get free shipping, this is a huge shopping mistake and will only cost you more in the end! Also taxes are not included in this limit so the items in your chart have to add up to the limit for the free shipping. Following are a few stores that are offering free shipping this week in the U.S.:

    The Home Depo: Free shipping for purchases over $49

    Target: Free shipping for purchases over $50

    Forever 21: Free shipping for purchases over $75

    Check out your favorite store’s online pages to see if any free shipping can be offered to you this week! Happy Shopping!

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