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  • CNN: U.S. consumers spent more than $2.5 billion on costumes this year

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    My husband just left for the office and I reminded him to get home early so we can get set up for Trick or Treat.  Almost 10 years ago we began setting up a fire pit with a table and chairs so the neighborhood princesses and goblins can roast marshmallows and make s'mores.  Our neighbors join us and it makes for a fun festive evening.  What are your Halloween Traditions?  Do you get dressed up and try to scare the little kids?

    Halloween is a big deal in the USA and the Atlanta traffic will reflect that today about 4pm as everyone scrambles for last minute candy and to get home in time for trick or treat.  Here are a few startling facts from Holly Yan of CNN that show what a big business Halloween represents.  To read the full article with videos showing safety tips, Halloween apps and much more go to:

    Halloween fun facts: Spending, eating and carving our way through the holiday

    By Holly Yan, CNN
    updated 7:21 AM EST, Mon October 31, 2011

    (CNN) -- The United States might be in a tricky economic situation, but it won't stop Americans from buying vampire fangs or princess tiaras.

    - U.S. consumers spent more than $2.5 billion on costumes this year, according to the National Retailers Federation.

    - The average household has shelled out $21.05 in Halloween candy alone.

    - When the economy is down, Halloween spending soars, according to Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation. "People love, in an economy like this one, to just get out, let loose, have a little bit of fun," Davis said.

     - The United States produced more than 1 billion pounds of pumpkins last year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    Happy Halloween! Don't eat too much candy tonight.

  • zBoost: Featured on The Daily Buzz - Home Office Segment

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    The zBoost SOHO was featured on The Daily Buzz yesterday in a home office segment presented by Lifestyle expert Brian von Dedenroth.


    Working from home is a great benefit but can be less than ideal if you don't have a home office ready for business.  Key items to a well fitted home office is a dedicated area with plenty of work area and storage space. A window is definitely an asset and if it's a quiet area, all the better.

    At Wi-Ex we have had numerous customers call to say they have spent significant funds to set up a home office in their basement or some other area of their home only to find that they don't receive cell service.  I had a similar experience when I set up my home office.  I have a room with a beautiful view of our backyard and was determined that my desk would be in front of that window.  Sounded great in theory, until I had to run outside to the driveway yelling, "Can you hear me now?" every time I made or received a call.  A zBoost SOHO was the next and one of the most important additions to my home office.

    Please share any tips or products that have made your home office more productive.

  • 106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great

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    Excuses, we all make them everyday.  Sometimes it's something small like getting focused on your "to do" list and other times it's making a life changing decision.  I've highlighted a few of the excuses below but to read all 106 excuses go to:

    106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great

    by Tommy Walker  October 25, 2011

    Be honest. How often do you sabotage yourself? On any given day, you have tasks you’d like to finish because you know they’d positively impact your business, and tasks you actually do.

    Something is holding you back, and you can’t quite put your finger on it. So instead of moving past it and taking action, you make an excuse. You justify your reasons for staying put.

    You may have one excuse; you may have several.

    What follows are 106 of the most common excuses you might tell yourself.

    You don’t have the knowledge.

    There’s one word kicks this excuse right in the teeth. “Google.”  If you can’t find a ton of free information on Google, find a book on Amazon.If Amazon doesn’t work, hire a coach.

    Information is more accessible now than any other point in history, and most of it is free.

    Spend time to find it. Commit to learning it. Be equipped to tackle your challenge.

    You don’t know the right people

    Like education, people are more accessible than ever before. Nearly anyone you need to know can be found on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.  Be on a mission they can’t resist being a part of, and you’re half way there.

    With a little patience, and an awesome personality, you can connect with the right people. It won’t happen overnight, but it certainly will happen if you want it bad enough.

    You don’t have the money

    Finances are a sensitive issue.  You might not have the money right
    now, but there are plenty of ways to increase your income.

    If you have to scour freelancer sites to aquire a hundred dollars here and there, do it.  Any money you make freelancing, save it to put towards your dream project.

    Can’t afford to do that? Create a strict budget, and set aside a portion of your income.  Don’t believe what the news tells you, money is everywhere, and people spend it every day.  Right now, someone is hiring someone just like you.

    You can’t afford to take a risk right now.

    If not now, then when? This excuse is fear of the unknown. The reality is, you can’t afford not to take a risk right now.  If an idea really benefits people,
    pulling on the reigns doesn’t just inhibit your progress…it prevents people
    from improving their lives.

    It’s too hard.

    Anything worth doing is hard.  When was the last time “easy” had a
    huge payoff for you?

    Someone else is already doing it.

    Which came first, Copyblogger or Problogger? Dyson or Hoover? Groupon or LivingSocial?  Does it matter?  Not really.

    You don’t know where to begin.

    The human brain isn’t designed to process information in a linear fashion.  This is why when you dream, it doesn’t start “at the beginning” and you only remember how the dream ended, but never how it began.

    If you’re looking to pick up a new skill, usually “the beginning” will make itself apparent, regardless of where you start.

    Nobody will buy.

    If people will buy the “Pet Rock” people will buy what you’re selling.  You just have to figure out how to position yourself, and why they need you.

    You haven’t done it before.

    This is my favorite excuse, because it’s such a cop out.  Let’s look at some of the common milestones in your life that you got through just fine

    • You went to school (hadn’t done that before)
    • Had your first kiss (hadn’t done that before)
    • Learned to drive a car
    • Took up a new hobby
    • Learned to read

    Or really anything beyond lying on your back and flailing your limbs uncontrollably.  You hadn’t done anything before you did it. It’s simple, but it’s true.  This excuse is rooted in fear of the unknown.

    There’s no point.

    Not with that attitude, there isn’t.  The point is that you’re helping
    people. The point is that you’re doing something. The point is you’re being
    productive and taking action.  The point is you’re not living in
    premature self defeat. You are taking an idea from concept to actualization.  You’re bringing your ideas to the world.  Even if no one sees it, you can have
    the satisfaction of knowing you did something you believed in.

    You’re too tired.

    Put yourself on a schedule, structure your day, and get more rest.  If necessary (and possible) take naps when you can, and remain productive.  Productivity sparks energy.  If you’re chronically tired, improve your fitness, and increase your vitamin intake.  Sometimes a vitamin supplement is
    necessary, and sometimes you need to suck it up and get it done.

    You’re too old.

    No you’re not.  Age and willingness to learn only go hand in hand if you let them. Your life experience gives you a valuable perspective that many others might not bring to the table.

    You’re too young.

    No you’re not.  Age and willingness to learn only go hand in hand if you let them. Your youth allows you to see things from a fresh perspective that the older generation may have missed.  Let your youth be more most valuable
    weapon, not something that holds you back.

    You don’t have time.

    Seriously? You just read (or at least scrolled through) 106 excuses, 106 debunks and nearly 7,000 words. You have time.

    In fact, you have all the time, resources, and knowledge required to be great.  Being great, no, being excellent, is a choice.

    It’s a choice to never stop. It’s a choice to view yourself as limitless. It’s a choice to stop at nothing until everyone knows your name.

    Without a doubt, you’ll encounter many obstacles on your journey. That’s a given.

    So what are you waiting for?


    Be great.

    Overcome your obstacles, or make excuses; it’s as simple as that.

  • Thank You Letters to our Troops Needed Now!

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    Hi Friends,

    It's time to get your fingers busy writing a much needed thank you note or letter to our troops for Thanksgiving.

    A nationally syndicated radio station is trying to collect 400,000 thank you letters to send to our troops in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving. This is something we can do for our troops.  On a personal note, my nephew is being deployed to Afghanistan in the next 30 days, so please keep him and all of our troops in your prayers.

    Please take 5 minutes to send a letter.  Letters from kids are especially appreciated.  Please forward this post to anyone who might be willing to write letters.  The address and details are below.

    The Bert Show’s Big Thank You!

    Now is your chance to say thank you to our troops!  The Bert Show is collecting letters of thanks so every single soldier stationed or deployed outside the United States can receive a letter of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day.  We want to give our troops a “Big Thank You” with a little taste of home this Thanksgiving.

    DEADLINE: Letters should be mailed or dropped off by Friday, October
    28, 2011


    WWWQ-FM /Q100 Atlanta    780 Johnson    Fifth Floor    Atlanta, GA  30342

    Nashville: i106 WNFN      10 Music Circle East       Nashville, TN 37203

    Indianapolis:  i94 Indy’s Hit Music Station     6810 North Shadeland Ave Indianapolis,  IN 46220

    In 2007, Bert Show listeners successfully wrote 375,000 letters to troops all over the world!  This year, we need your help to express a BIG THANK YOU to 400,000+ U.S. soldiers.

    With one week left to mail these letters, we need you to start writing your letters now!

    The Bert Show can only do this with your help.  Let’s pull together to make this project a success!  Get your class or school to write letters.

    We want everyone in your church, civic group, sorority/fraternity, office, or neighborhood to write letters.  Give our troops that much deserved show of
    appreciation by writing a letter of thank you.

    Thank you so much for giving our service men and women a little connection to home this Thanksgiving with The Bert Show’s Big Thank You.

  • $201,000 phone bill not a mistake

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    When traveling abroad a large phone bill can ruin your trip.  Recently someone experienced a $201,ooo. phone bill because they didn't turn off their data plan prior to traveling internationally.

                                                          (Credit: Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET)

    My husband and I recently traveled to Italy and disconnected our phones as soon as we got on the plane.  I flipped my iPhone to airplane mode which allowed me to have access to everything but my phone and texting as long as I was connected to Wi-Fi.  I stayed on airplane mode with my Wi-Fi on, the entire time we were over seas. My husband took no chances and took the battery out of his Blackberry.

    So how did we stay connected?  First of all we had two prepaid international phones that we planned to use for all calls.  The cost was about 50 cents a minute and if we kept it quick not too outrageous.  Right before leaving I wanted to buy some museum tickets and talk with our hotels.  I hated the thought of paying for international calls, so taking travel guru, Rick Steves advice, I created a Skype account.

    Many people know that you can video Skype for free, but the logistics have to be arranged to make sure everyone is online at the same time.  What few people know and find hard to believe is you can call any landline or cell phone around the world from your computer Skype account  (no phone needed) and speak for just a few cents.  I put $10 on my Skype account prior to leaving and still have more than $5.00 left and this included a 30 minute call to a fellow Buckeye so my husband could hear a play by-play analysis of the Ohio State game.  I also called the various hotels and museums in Italy from the United States and then spoke to each of our kids numerous times and no one was worried about an out of control cell phone bill.

    I haven't tested it yet but I think I could have made calls from my iPhone using the Skype Mobile app and Wi-Fi and then I wouldn't need my computer but that will be a test for my next international trip.

    Ok, I've left you wondering long enough, here is what happened to create a $201,000 bill with T-Mobile.  For the whole story go to$201000-phone-bill-not-a-mistake/?part=rss&subj=crave&tag=title&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+cnet%2FpRza+%28Crave%29

    $201,000 phone bill not a mistake

    by October 19, 2011 10:44 AM PDT

    When you travel abroad, don't forget to pack your international calling and data plan--or face the consequences.

    Perhaps you've faced the sticker shock of using your cell phone abroad, where roaming rates can reach as high as several dollars for each minute or few megabytes of data. Multiply that horror by a few thousand and you might begin to be able to empathize with Celina Aarons. The Florida resident recently opened her T-Mobile bill to find a balance due of $201,000. Unfortunately for Ms. Aarons, the bill was correct.

    The issue, as Florida TV station WSVN reported, was with a trip one of her brothers took to Canada. Two of Aarons' brothers are deaf and use texting as a primary tool for communication. So when one of them--who is on his sisters' phone plan--went abroad and forgot to turn off data roaming, the charges added up.

    The TV station contacted T-Mobile, and the company agreed to drop the bill. In the end, it all worked out, and everyone is happy.

  • The World’s Thinnest Smartphone: The Motorola Droid RAZR

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    Earlier this month it was all about the iPhone 4 which left the Droid users anxiously waiting for the new Droid announcement. Finally the day has arrived and since we weren't at the launch event in New York, I have been stalking TechCrunch for the announcement details. Jordan Crook, who did attend the launch event for TechCrunch gives us the inside scoop.

    Verizon Officially Unveils The World’s Thinnest Smartphone: The Motorola Droid RAZR by Jordan Crook

    Verizon and Motorola have finally announced the much-anticipated Droid RAZR, the next LTE beast to grace big red’s shelves. Here at the launch event in New York City, we’re hearing four words over and over again: faster, thinner, smarter, and stronger. And that’s exactly how we’d describe the new Droid RAZR.

    The latest in Motorola’s line of Android smartphones takes heavily from its Droid brethren in terms of design, looking a lot like the Droid X/X2. It has that same “hump” along the upper back edge, likely making room for the camera and other goodies, but has dropped some weight with an even thinner waist line than its Bionic cousin. It’s also stronger, as promised in that teaser video, with a Kevlar fiber casing which, Motorola promises, will “withstand the back pocket test.”

    Ready for specs? Of course you are.

    For more information, visit: Motorola Droid RAZR


    For all of third party details,  go to our friends at TechCrunch

    Pre-orders will start on October 27, and in-store/online availability begins in “November”. The Droid RAZR will cost $299 on-contract.

  • Setting up iCloud on your Apple Device

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    Normally working with my iPhone seems so intuitive but I am having problems downloading the new iOS, which appears to have many benefits that I am interested in adding.  If you haven't already upgraded here is the link for specific directions.  I followed these and received error messages but I have now read that the Apple server traffic was so heavy that many users received error messages.  I'm going to give it another try today with hopefully more success.  Please share any tips that you may have found helpful in getting your devices update.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Things to Know

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    It's October and besides pumpkins and the leaves falling you will also see pink at events throughout the month.  On Sunday at the Falcons game, the players, cheerleaders, half time entertainment and almost everyone else was wearing pink.  As a two time breast cancer survivor, you would think I would be more emotional about it all, but I'm not.  If I saw it in a movie or heard about it from a friend I would get teary eyed, but for me it's almost like I've erased the experience, similar to how mothers forget about labor pains.

    In saying all that, I am diligent with the medical follow up that monitors my health, letting me know that I remain cancer free.  Here are a few tips from The National Breast Cancer Foundation.  If you go to their site you can also set reminders to be sent by email or text to remind you to do your monthly self exam and schedule your mammogram appointment. This is a great tool to help with early detection.

  • zBoost Features Full Page Ad in USA Today

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    zBoost was featured in a full page ad on October 6 in USA Today.  I love the new tagline.

    65% of Smartphone Users Experience Indoor Dead Zones     ...zBoost Users Don't

  • Disappointing! No iPhone 5 for this year

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    My son and I have been waiting for the iPhone 5 announcement.  He was hoping to get his first iPhone over the summer and I talked him into waiting for the iPhone 5.  I currently have the 3GS and am having serious battery problems and have been holding out as long as possible for the iPhone 5.

    There is only one problem, there is no iPhone 5.  Disappointing for sure, but some of the new features, such as the speed and the improved camera are appealing.  Not sure what our next step will be but in case you haven't read or heard the details, here are some of the specifics from Ben Parr at To see the entire article and pictures go to

    Apple Announces iPhone 4S

    Apple has unveiled the iPhone 4S, the next version of its popular smartphone.

    The new iPhone looks much like the iPhone 4, confirming previous reports. It comes with upgraded internals, including the new Apple A5 chip and 1 GB of RAM. Apple VP Phil Schiller revealed that it will be the first iPhone with a dual-core processor and dual-core graphics.  It is “up to seven times faster” than the previous iPhone, he announced.

    The device also contains a new antenna system that allows it to switch between two antennas for better sound quality and download speeds. The theoretical max of the iPhone 4S is a whopping 14.4 Mbps down, a vast increase from the iPhone 4′s theoretical max of 5.8 up and 7.2 down.The device also contains a new 8-megapixel camera that can take 3264×2448 images, an increase of 60% from the iPhone 4. It is capable of taking in 73% more light than the iPhone 4 and is 33% faster. It includes a redesigned Image Signal Processor that includes auto-face detection and 26% better white balance. It includes a new f2.4 lens for wider shots as well.


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