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  • Mac Edition Radio Holiday Picks - zBoost SOHO and zBoost METRO

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    Wi-Ex is proud to announce that the zBoost SOHO and the  zBoost METRO are both listed as Mac Edition Radio Holiday Picks.  See the holiday post and then the entire review below.  To see all of the Mac Edition Radio Holiday Picks including a cool item that I plan to buy, called the Bringrr, go to:

    Review – – zBoost-Metro & SOHO Cell Phone Signal Boosters

    Dropped calls are a constant annoyance and fact of our  cell phone lives, but what can you do if those calls keep getting dropped even  when you’re at work or home? We have tried cell phone cases that claim to  have “cell boosters” inside, but they didn’t seem to make much of a difference.  Another approach is to use a specialized amplifier and antenna to strengthen the  signal. We tested the zBoost -YX540 Metro and YX545 SOHO Cell Phone Signal  Boosters to see if our constantly dropped calls would come to a welcome end. The YX540 Metro and YX545 SOHO Cell Phone Signal Boosters are Mac Edition  Radio Holiday Picks! Harris Fogel 11/27/11

    Mac Editon Radio Review of   – zBoost-Metro & SOHO Cell Phone Signal Boosters

    If you’ve never experienced a dropped cell phone call then you’re probably still using landlines!Dropped calls are a constant annoyance and fact of cell phone life, but what can you do if those calls keep getting dropped even when you’re at work or home? We have tried cell phone cases that claim to have “cell boosters” inside, but they didn’t seem to make a difference. Even if an antenna on a phone increases its sensitivity, the root problem is usually a dead zone, so a case that promises an antenna to boost sensitivity won’t have a signal to deal with, assuming the claim has any validity.Another, more active approach, entails the use of a specialized amplifier and antenna to strengthen your signal, grab it and distribute it to the room it is needed in. We tested the – zBoost-Metro & SOHO Cell Phone Signal Boosters to see if our constantly dropped calls in the dead zones around the house could come to a welcome end.

    Unfortunately, I have the perfect “laboratory” to test the unit. Walking into our dining room while talking on a cell means that the call will inevitably drop almost as soon as you enter. At first I thought it was something my wife engineered to keep the kids and I from taking calls during meals, but it will happen consistently at any time of day, even when there isn’t food on the table!) Previously we’d tested the zBoost YX545 SOHO that differs from the Metro most visibly in the choice of signal antenna. The SOHO uses a traditional white co-ax whip approximately 12” long with a small extension on top. This should be mounted permanently in the highest spot you can find, that has a clear line of sight to the cell towers. Ideally this is outside, and then you can use a normal coax cable to connect to the inside base station that has a small adjustable whip antenna.

    With the Metro the antenna is a unique white plastic box a couple of inches thick that uses suction cups to stick to a window pane. The Metro is designed for folks in an office building, or a home with a single level. The suction cups let you easily move the antenna, or have it travel with you. The base station looks very similar to the SOHO but with a grey color, while the SOHO is white and orange. The SOHO has a greater range up to 3,000 sq. ft., while the range of the Metro is 1,500 sq. ft.

    Which unit you choose depends upon your needs and physical requirements. Many locations – especially hotels, offices, apartments, or rentals – may not allow you to mount an external antenna, so the portability of the Metro is a good fit. One option to mount the SOHO in a less visible or obtrusive way would be to mount it in attic. The signal won’t be as strong, but it is an easy way to avoid routing the coax from inside to outside.

    Both units perform rather favorable, and both boast dual-band capability, so most phones are covered with the exception of Nextel/iDEN or 4G, 2100 MHz phones. We measured the increase in our phones’ bar strength, and both increased reception by at least three bars. The range from the base station was one differentiation between the models, with the SOHO’s signal reaching a wider area with a more consistent signal strength farther away from the base station. The Metro’s antenna stuck to our window panes just fine. I would recommend, as indicated in the instructions, that users should take some time to test the antenna on different window locations to find the one that provides the strongest signal strength. Using the system is easy; just plug and play. Mount the antenna, roll out the cable to the base station, plug in the small power brick, and that’s pretty much it.

    Once you have a unit running, it’s easy to forget you’re depending on it. This was driven home in September, when Hurricane Irene hit the northeast and knocked out power for several days in our neighborhood. With no landlines operational we relied upon cell phones and suddenly we were experiencing more dropped calls than normal in most of our house. Why? We realized that we had no power to our Metro, so had to walk outside to get a consistent signal (note: the loss of power was after the hurricane had passed – not during the storm!). As proof of how effective the Z-Boost Metro can be, as soon as power was restored so were our cell phones! When “Can you hear me now?” isn’t working, the Metro and SOHO units work invisibly in the background to keep dropped calls to a minimum and both come highly recommended. The YX540 Metro and YX545 SOHO Cell Phone Signal Boosters are Mac Edition Radio Holiday Picks!

    Harris Fogel, posted 11/27/2011


  • Thank You for Thanksgiving

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    The holiday season is about to begin.  Even if you're still  at work, you may be using your lunch hour to run some last-minute errands or finalize your list of things to do before the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Here's my edited list: Get gas, stop at grocery for last minute items, call neighbor to watch our house and care for our cat, pack, Google driving directions, gather up family for early morning drive and hit the road early enough to avoid the inevitable Atlanta holiday traffic jam.

    Some days a long list can be overwhelming, but it's all about attitude, so today instead of bemoaning how much I have to do before leaving, I'm saying:

    Thank You that I have a car to put gas in.

    Thank You for stores with shelves full of choices.

    Thank You for wonderful neighbors who like our cat.

    Thank You for suitcases and clothes to put in it.

    Thank You for computers and technology.

    Thank You for Atlanta, a beautiful city that I call home.

    Thank You for family and friends.

    Thank You for a holiday that reminds us to be grateful for what we have.

    We are so blessed in the United States, so finally I say Thank You for our country and for our military who are away from home this holiday season.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from Wi-Ex.  Be sure to remember your blessings. 



  • Retailers to Ship Electronics Free for Holidays

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    Two retailers that carry zBoost cell phone signal boosters are offering free shipping for electronics during the holiday season. Both Best Buy and Walmart are enticing customers with free shipping.

    Walmart to ship electronics free ahead of holidays

    Nov 17 (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc is offering free shipping on all electronics products over $45 from Thursday through Dec. 19 as the world's largest retailer tries to win tech shoppers from the likes of and Best Buy in the all-important holiday season.

    Best Buy, the largest consumer electronics chain, has already said it would offer free shipping on online orders from Nov. 1 through Dec. 27.

    Earlier this month, top retail executives told Reuters they planned to be highly promotional in categories like televisions in the run-up to "Black Friday" on Nov. 25, the unofficial start of the holiday selling season.

    U.S. shoppers have held off on buying televisions and other nonessential items in the anemic economy, but retailers are hoping to get those budget-conscious consumers to open their wallets during the biggest selling season of the year.

    Wal-Mart said the holiday shipping offer applies to a wide range of products, including high-definition televisions, laptops, e-readers and digital cameras.

    "Our customers are stretched for time and dollars this season," Joel Anderson, president and CEO of, said in a statement.

    U.S. shoppers plan to spend an average of $246 on electronic gifts this holiday season, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.

  • Testimonial Tuesday - Dropped Calls Eliminated on 18th Floor with zBoost

    November 15, 2011 - Leave a Comment

    We've been using zBoost for the past 6 months and absolutely love
    what it has done for our cell phone usability on the 18th floor of our office building.
    Since using zBoost, we no longer have dropped or even missed calls from clients, keeping us better connected to our lifeline.

    Thank you again

    David D. Doll, CIMA®

    Senior Vice President
    Senior Investment Management Consultant
    The Doll Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC
    Atlanta, GA 30305
  • Thank You Veterans for Your Service to Our Country

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    They Did Their Share

    On Veteran’s Day we honor
    Soldiers who protect our nation.
    For their service as our warriors,
    They deserve our admiration.

    Some of them were drafted;
    Some were volunteers;
    For some it was just yesterday;
    For some it’s been many years;

    In the jungle or the desert,
    On land or on the sea,
    They did whatever was assigned
    To produce a victory.

    Some came back; some didn’t.
    They defended us everywhere.
    Some saw combat; some rode a desk;
    All of them did their share.

    No matter what the duty,
    For low pay and little glory,
    These soldiers gave up normal lives,
    For duties mundane and gory.

    Let every veteran be honored;
    Don’t let politics get in the way.
    Without them, freedom would have died;
    What they did, we can’t repay.

    We owe so much to them,
    Who kept us safe from terror,
    So when we see a uniform,
    Let’s say "thank you" to every wearer.

    By Joanna Fuchs 

  • zBoost SOHO featured in Gift Insider Holiday Gift Guide

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    Nov 7 2011

    The Gift Giving Advisory Board (GGAB for short) is announcing our top holiday gift recommendations of 2011! Our board members have been working hard the entire year to seek out the most meaningful, unique and one-of-a-kind gift ideas and have compiled them into our sponsored, but oh-so-highly-curated, 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.

    The expert advisory board members of the GGAB include the well-known women and editors,, and We KNOW gifts. We live and breathe gifts every day and that’s why we are here to help you find the perfect thing for everyone on your shopping list. You are a just a little bit of browsing and a few clicks away from an easy, stress-free and happy holiday shopping season.

    To see the complete list go to:

    Wine Cork Candles
    These clever candles will bring a warm glow to your dinner table as quaint miniature lighting. Place one in the mouth of a wine bottle to turn it into a candlestick. Check out the candles and other wine gifts from Uncommon Goods.
    Brand name quality ties, minus the price
    Give the gift of class & style with exquisite Jack Franklin ties, made from the finest silk and wool interlining. Choose from over 50 styles that will suit every man in your life. New customers save 30% with code: TSW2093. Visit us today.
    The Beautiful Gift
    Makes extraordinary gift giving simple & practical. The Beautiful Gift offers exquisite gift bags made of luxurious fabrics. The gift bag is completely finished, including a bow & everything is reusable. Shop for gift bags here.
    ila Wedge
    Frequent fliers, college students & others who are uneasy about staying solo at home or in a hotel room need the ila Wedge. Jam it under a door to make it harder to open. If an intruder tries to force entry, you (& hotel staff) will be alerted with a 130Db ear-splitting alarm. Buy it here.
    You put it in the freezer then add it to your chilled wine to keep it cool. Beautifully wrapped for $24.99 at TWEAK99, LA’s best holiday pop-up shop for Value Smart Design. All gifts are pre-wrapped and under $99! Shop at 8384 Beverly Blvd, LA 90048 or online at TWEAK99.
    Schoolbags for Kids: The Give Back Backpack!
    In a holiday season that can seem like it’s only about receiving, here’s a way to teach your child about giving. For each backpack purchased, Schoolbags for Kids donates a schoolbag filled with school supplies to a child in need. One Here. One There.™ Shop here.
    zBoost SOHO Cell Phone Signal Booster – Boosts indoor cell signal, prevents missed or dropped calls, speeds up data and prolongs battery life. Works for multiple users on multiple carriers simultaneously. The zBoost SOHO is available on for $200. Shop here.
  • Sportsrageous: zBoost METRO Easy Way to Boost Signal Coverage in your Home

    November 7, 2011 - Leave a Comment is a premier source for fabulous stories and and discussions about all types of exciting and sporty topics.  They recently posted the following zBoost METRO review.

    zBoost Metro

    November 3, 2011

     If you want an easy way to boost signal coverage in your home, the zBoost Metro is an easy to use and easy to set up product that can get that job done.

    The Metro can boost signal coverage up to 1500 feet and, with an antennae that attaches to any window, it does not take up that much space. That also makes it so easy to set up that anyone can do it.

    It is also compatible with any of the US phone carriers, so if you have Sprint and someone else in your home has AT&T, both will be able to reap the benefits of increased signal strength. It even helps iPhones. The Metro can also increase voice and data transmisison, which helps decrease the number of dropped calls in your home. The signal strength is even a benefit to your phone’s battery because it will take less power to get a signal when calling.

    Thankfully, it also requires no bulky cradle to attach to the back of your phone to use.

    So, if you have always felt restricted in your home by weak signal strength, the zBoost Mobile is just what you need. It allows you to take full advantage data and Internet services, including 3G high-speed data, streaming video, sending messages and pictures and more.

  • Turn Clocks Back This Sunday

    November 4, 2011 - Leave a Comment

    Fall Back

    Don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour this Sunday, Nov 6 at 2am.  If you're not awake at 2am, you can do it the night before.

    Hope you enjoy these last two nights of extra daylight.

  • zBoost Featured in New Clark Howard Book

    November 3, 2011 - Leave a Comment

    Wi-Ex is proud and excited that Clark Howard featured zBoost in his new book, Living Large in Lean TimesWe may even have yelled Woo Hoo!  a time or two. 

    Living Large in Lean Times is Clark’s ultimate guide to saving money,  covering everything from cell phones to student loans, coupon websites  to mortgages, investing to saving on electric bills and beyond.

    In case you have been living under a rock and haven't seen or heard Clark Howard almost everywhere, including Anderson Cooper last week, he is  a nationally syndicated consumer advocate who advises consumers on how to save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. His radio show is heard every day on more than 200 radio stations throughout North America. His HLN show runs every Saturday and Sunday at 6am, noon and 4pm ET, and he is a frequent guest on many other talk, variety and news programs.

    So what did he say?     “A website called offers a femtocell (cell phone signal booster) called the zBoost for $169 that works with most popular phones. But you must have an existing signal outside your home for a femtocell to amplify; if you don’t have a signal, it won’t be of any help.”

    Clark got it just about right, except zBoost is a cell phone signal booster, which is different than a femtocell. zBoost does boost cell signal to prevent dropped and missed calls and also increase data speeds and extends battery life.

    Thanks Clark, we really appreciate that you included zBoost in your book.






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