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  • Happy New Year from Wi-Ex!

    December 30, 2011 - Leave a Comment

    Have a great holiday, but remember no drinking and driving.  Be sure to have a designated driver or take a taxi if you do plan to drink.

  • Merry Christmas from Wi-Ex - Day 12 of the 12 Days of zBoost

    December 23, 2011 - Leave a Comment


    Today is a busy day.  Either you are shopping, packing, baking, wrapping, driving or trying to finish up work to start the holiday weekend. Whatever your day brings, remember to enjoy your loved ones and the spirit of Christmas.

    Merry Christmas from Wi-Ex!

  • zBoost Keeps Churches Connected - Day 11 of the 12 Days of zBoost

    December 21, 2011 - Leave a Comment


    This week, churches around the world will have their largest crowds of the year celebrating Christmas.  Frequently churches are older structures that prevent a strong and reliable cell signal.  Now a strong signal in church may not seem like a good idea, however church buildings include offices and social centers for community groups, areas where cell service is needed to keep families and church personnel connected.

    Wi-Ex received a letter from a church struggling with their cell phone signal. After installing the zBoost Dual Band for Home and Office they emailed to say, “We installed the zBoost Dual Band on Tuesday and it works great. Everyone in the church office noticed a significant improvement. Now we do not need to walk around to improve our cell signal.”

    If the buildings in your place of worship struggle with cell service, a zBoost cell phone signal booster could be the solution.

  • Happy Hanukkah - Day 10 of the 12 Days of zBoost

    December 20, 2011 - Leave a Comment


    Hanukkah also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish Holiday. This year, Hanukkah begins this evening at sundown and lasts through sundown on December  28th.  

    Happy Hanukkah from Wi-Ex

  • Keeping You Connected in the Comfort of your Home - Day 9 of the 12 Days of zBoost

    December 19, 2011 - Leave a Comment


    zBoost cell phone signal boosters can be found helping people stay connected in the Mojave Desert, Sudan, The Yukon Territory, Haiti and many other locations around the world, but where the zBoost is used most frequently, is helping people stay connected in the comfort of their own home.

    A zBoost SOHO allows you to use your cell phone while sitting in your favorite chair in your basement, Man Cave, or in your bedroom or wherever else you normally experience a weak signal.  There's no more running outside yelling "Can you hear me now?".  We all love our smartphones but they don't seem so smart when you can't make or receive calls and the battery is quickly depleted as it constantly is searching for signal.

    This holiday season, a zBoost can help you talk to loved ones in the comfort of your home without the frustration of dropped or missed calls.  If you are experiencing any of these problems, than a zBoost cell phone signal booster is the item that you may need to add to your holiday gift list.

  • Hospitals Stay Connected with zBoost - Day 8 of the 12 days of zBoost

    December 16, 2011 - Leave a Comment


    Hospitals across the country struggle with bad indoor cell service, frustrating doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, patients and visitors. In 2011, zBoost cell phone signal boosters were installed at hospitals in Texas and Ohio.   After years of missed and dropped calls, zBoost was the solution they needed.

    If you're hospital or company is experiencing indoor signal problems zBoost has solutions for areas up to 20,000 sq feet.

    St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is not one of the zBoost hospitals but they do amazing medical research for children.  If you are looking for a last-minute charitable donation, you can't go wrong with a St. Jude donation.  To make a donation,  click on the link below.


  • Over the River and Through the Woods - Day 7 of the 12 Days of zBoost

    December 14, 2011 - Leave a Comment


    Many families will be packing up the car to go to Grandma's house, while others will be visiting second homes at the beach or in the mountains.  Frequently these areas struggle with weak cell signal.  If you own a second home and have been challenged with bad indoor cell signal, a zBoost SOHO could  be the solution to your problems.

    The zBoost SOHO keeps Marge and Larry connected in the North Carolina Mountains.

    Dear zBoost,

    What an amazing invention you have created!

    Since we retired, my husband and I live in Florida for six months and in the North Carolina Mountains for six months. Of course, cell phone reception is no problem in Florida, but in North Carolina at 4,000 feet, with mountains between our home and the cell tower, we could only get a very weak signal on our front porch, and that could not be sustained long enough to place a call.

    Our neighbor in the mountains told us about zBoost, and now his cell phone is his only telephone here.  Our son installed our zBoost this past weekend and the installation was a piece of cake!  Now we get two bars anywhere in the house – and in some rooms we get three bars!

    What a wonderful thing you have done for us with zBoost.  Now we can enjoy the convenience of a cell phone all year long.


    Marge Henize

  • zBoost Keeps You Connected in an Emergency - Day 6 of the 12 Days of zBoost

    December 13, 2011 - Leave a Comment


    The zBoost SOHO has helped people stay connected during snow storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and personal emergencies.

    Emergency planning is frequently overlooked during the challenges of everyday living but the problem with emergencies is once they're here it's too late.

    Consider gifting your family a zBoost cell phone signal booster this holiday season, keeping you and your family connected at all times.

  • zBoost Keeps Small Businesses Connected - Day 5 of the 12 Days of zBoost

    December 12, 2011 - Leave a Comment



    Small businesses rely on cell phones to stay connected with customers and suppliers, making dropped or missed calls unacceptable. A zBoost SOHO is the solution for keeping small businesses connected. This holiday season a zBoost SOHO makes the perfect gift for small business owners struggling with bad cell service.  Jason Lewis of Jason Lewis Glass tells how the zBoost SOHO helped solve his small business signal issues.

    I am a glassblower in Wells, Vermont where cell service is pretty spotty. Clear reception is essential for running my business and nobody likes getting one of “those static cell phone calls”.

    Even though the cell phone provider guaranteed me service at my house, I got no bars until I got my zBoost. After adding the zBoost, I went from 0-1 bars to getting full service. Anywhere I previously got 1 bar, I now get full bars. And many, many places where I didn’t have any service I can now make clear calls. Cell service is priceless and buying the zBoost was worth every penny and so much more. If you live in rural America, this is the product for you. It’s quite rare that I’m this ecstatic about a product.

    The zBoost is really, probably one of the best products I ever purchased. -Jason

    My company is called Jason Lewis Glass and you can see more of my work

  • Teleworking in the Forest - Day 4 of the 12 Days of zBoost

    December 9, 2011 - Leave a Comment


    Teleworking may not be for everyone however I love the flexibility of working from home.  Traffic in Atlanta can be brutal and unpredictable, so any time I have the chance to walk a few feet to my home office, my day begins on a high note.

    Here is a testimonial from another teleworker who lives in a beautiful forest in the Snoqualmie National Forest in the state of Washington. If you have a teleworker in your family, who struggles with dropped or missed calls, a zBoost SOHO may be the perfect gift to make their work day easier.


    My name is Robert and I want to tell you my story about living in a forest and cellular service. Before moving to the Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington State I used to live in major cities and was used to excellent (most of the time) cellular service. Since I can work out of my home I wasn't too worried about location and I also wasn’t too concerned about cellular service since I thought all places were “equal”. Was I wrong! I moved from full phone signal strength in my old office to an astounding 0% in my new office. I found I could get reception if I stood under my dining room light. Not good for someone working from home and using cellular networks for testing products/etc. I had heard about cell boosters and decided to investigate.

    After researching a number of companies and products I decided on the Wi-Ex’s zBoost SOHO  Dual Band Booster. Once it arrived I spent a day testing various locations around my house. Once I found the location and mounted the antenna my cell phone went from no bars to 3-4 bars! I couldn’t believe my eyes (or ears either). This one simple product not only allowed me to get excellent coverage in my house but also probably saved my job.

    Would I recommend this company and product? I don’t think I can say YES loud enough…great company, great product, and great Customer Service.

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