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  • You Can Get The Flu From Your Mobile Device

    January 31, 2013 - Leave a Comment

    AT&T recently issued a warning to its customers about mobile devices aiding in the spread of the flu. In an article by CBS News, AT&T's Chief Medical Officer Geeta Nayyar  pushes the importance of properly cleaning and disinfecting phones regularly and avoiding taking phones into restrooms.  "Cell phones are 10 times as dirty as a toilet seat," added Chuck Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona.

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  • Digitize Your Key Ring

    January 30, 2013 - Leave a Comment


    Does you key ring weigh you down with all your rewards cards? Well we have found an awesome solution for you...Key Ring! This is a FREE app that will consolidate all your little plastic cards into one tracking system. What a dream!

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  • Wi-Ex Booster Increases AT&T and T-Mobile Connection Speeds

    January 29, 2013 - Leave a Comment

    Wi-Ex Booster Increases AT&T and T-Mobile Connection Speeds

    CEPro's Robert Archer details the benefits of the zBoost Data Blast 4G/LTE.

    Wi-EX, a manufacturer of cellular network signal booster products announced its latest product: the zBoost 4G DataBlast. The Atlanta-based company says the product increases 4G LTE on the AT&T network and AWS speeds on T-Mobile’s network to allow subscribers of these services to fully utilize their web connections, email and voice options.

  • More Are Shopping From Mobile Devices

    January 24, 2013 - Leave a Comment

    An article in today's eMarketer Newsletter highlights the increasingly popular trend of mobile applications used for shopping. This is becoming an avenue to build brand loyalty, straight from a mobile device. See a peek at the article below:

    Mobile device usage is undoubtedly changing shoppers’ relationships with retail brands. Research from Adobe and Harris Interactive indicates that mobile retail apps, in particular, may affect the relationship for the better. According to the December study, two-fifths of smartphone and tablet shoppers said using a shopping app strengthened their connection to the brand. And roughly the same number became more favorable toward the brand after using a shopping app.

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  • Traits of Productivity

    January 22, 2013 - Leave a Comment

    Want to make 2013 your most productive year ever? recently wrote an article on things productive people do. Here are our favorites:

    Go For Efficiency

    You don't do everything well. The things you do well usually give you greater joy and require less time. Don't take on something with a steep learning curve if you don't have the available bandwidth. Design your life to meet your wants, and recognize when to say no to opportunities that are outside the scope of your desires. Live your life by design, not default.

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  • Make Your LinkedIn Count

    January 17, 2013 - Leave a Comment

    linkedin_logo recently featured an article on how to make LinkedIn more personalized and feature YOU in a better light, which is the whole point you joined right? While reading the seven tips they offer, these stuck out to me:

    Have Clear Purpose

    LinkedIn is a tool and like all tools it serves a specific purpose. If you don't know what you're trying to accomplish, then the tool will be useless. You have to drive the process. Decide if you want to expand your network inside your industry or beyond. Are you looking to explore new careers or create new business development opportunities? Perhaps you are looking for mentors or peer groups? It's okay to want all of this, but the more you focus your efforts, the easier it will be to get a specific and successful return.

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  • Wi-Ex talks with "Into Tomorrow" at Digital Experience

    January 15, 2013 - Leave a Comment


    During last week's Digital Experience kickoff event at CES, Rob Almanza from "Into Tomorrow" spoke with Wi-Ex Account Executive Roni Pridemore about our zBoost product line. Rob even coined a new tagline for us - "plug and boost", which is fitting since our products are basically just that. To hear more about how the zBoost line can help resolve signal issues against the extreme increase of data usage check out the video below.

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  • Tailgating Technology Style at Pepcom's Digital Experience

    January 10, 2013 - Leave a Comment

    The Wi-Ex team had a great time introducing the new additions to the 4G line at Digital Experience Monday. Year after year the most sought after products are showcased at the Pepcom kickoff event, this year was no exception. The tailgate themed event provided a playful atmosphere, allowing attendees to roll up their sleeves to test out the newest innovations in tech. Here are a few pictures to highlight the night:

    Rob Almanza from "Into Tomorrow" interviewing Wi-Ex Account Executive Roni Pridemore

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  • zBoost DataBlast UPGRADE Adds 4G Data Zone for Existing Customers

    January 9, 2013 - Leave a Comment

    Wi-Ex, a leading provider of consumer and commercial cell phone signal booster kits, announced today the zBoost DataBlast UPGRADE at Digital Experience at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The new zBoost DataBlast UPGRADE enables previously installed booster products to split the signal cable and establish a new 4G Data Zone in conjunction with the zBoost. The DataBlast UPGRADE allows users to integrate with a current voice booster to boost 4G LTE.

    “With 4G cell phone shipments projected to hit 275 million units in 2013 and recent reports showing more than 77 percent of cell internet users experiencing slow download speeds that prevent things from loading as quickly as they would like, a strong 4G signal is becoming a necessity for today’s consumers and businesses,” said Frankie Smith director of sales with Wi-Ex. “Our new upgrade allows customers to add on to their current unit providing multiple users a strong signal putting an end to dropped calls and slow data including 4G.”

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  • zBoost Launches New zBoost DataBlast for AT&T LTE

    January 9, 2013 - Leave a Comment

    zBoost DataBlast Increases Weak Signal -- Speeds Data Up to 20 Times Faster

    Wi-Ex, a leading provider of consumer and commercial cell phone signal booster kits, announced today its newest addition to the 4G DataBlast line at Digital Experience at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The newest zBoost DataBlast increases 4G LTE on the AT&T network and AWS data speeds on T-Mobile. The new zBoost 4G DataBlast increases weak signal that results in 20X faster data speed, allowing consumers to take full advantage of voice, data and Internet services on their mobile phones including high-speed data and video, instant messaging, pictures and more - at home, in their personal workspace or in the office.

    “With AT&T recently announcing their 4G LTE network expansion plans to cover 300 million people in the United States by the end of 2014, we are excited to offer our 4G DataBlast tailored to AT&T customers,” said Frankie Smith, Wi-Ex director of sales. “With the expansion of the 4G technology comes extreme data requirements, making a strong signal more important than ever – a low signal means SLOW data. Recent industry statistics reveal that more than 75 percent of cell phone Internet users experience slow download speeds that prevent things from loading as quickly as they would like.”

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