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  • Drop Landline-Stay Connected with zBoost Cell Phone Signal Boosters

    June 23, 2014 - Leave a Comment

    While Millennials and Generation Y continue to lead the trend to lose their landline for a modern mobile life, the CDC reports that 38% of adults in the U.S. live in households that have only a cell phone. With this continued decrease in landlines, a strong indoor cell phone signal becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

    A recent Consumer Reports survey found top reasons for keeping landlines to include: price, reliability, habit and quality. zBoost provides cellular signal boosters for everyone, at virtually every price point and can help consumers finally cut the landline and still stay connected,

    •    Connection: 68% of consumers' smartphone use happens at home. So what happens when this connection is lost? zBoost boosters help ensure consumers are connected for everyday activities as well as emergency situations, by bringing reliable cell phone signals inside, helping prevent dropped or missed calls, improving data speeds, and extending battery life.

    •    Savings: The FCC recently estimated the average monthly landline phone rate at $30/month. With many zBoost boosters a consumer will have paid for their booster with less than 12 months of avoided landline charges.

     zBoost provides solutions for the 72% of cell phone owners experiencing problems with their cell phone service.  Find your solution at


  • zBoost Mobile1 Sweepstakes

    June 16, 2014 - Leave a Comment Sweepstakes for zBoost Mobile1 starts today, June 16, 2014!
    Photo: Check out Sweepstakes for zBoost Mobile1 starting today!</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

    If you experience signal problems, slow data or dropped calls while driving, the zBoost Mobile1 cellular signal booster increases in-vehicle signal for cell phones and smartphones and it is easy to use.

    The sweepstakes will run through July 16, 2014 so check it out...YOU could be one of the lucky winners!!!

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  • Connected Living Made Easier with the Award-Winning zBoost TRIO™, A Cell Phone Voice and Data Signal Booster

    June 11, 2014 - Leave a Comment

    The zBoost TRIO, now shipping, helps make Connected Living a reality by increasing indoor cell phone signal.

    The zBoost TRIO, now shipping, helps make Connected Living a reality by increasing indoor cell phone signal.

    The Connected Life, propelled by smartphones and other devices that rely on cell phone signals, brings together video, voice, and data services to help keep consumers entertained and organized. The zBoost TRIO boosts indoor cell phone signal for the 77 percent of cell phone users who experience slow internet download speeds, as well as, the more than 70 percent of cell phone users who experience dropped calls at least occasionally.*

    zBoost TRIO SOHO Set up Overview zBoost TRIO SOHO Set up Overview

    The zBoost TRIO line which boosts voice and 4G LTE data includes the zBoost TRIO SOHO™, zBoost TRIO CONNECT™ and zBoost TRIO Xtreme™. The line of products provides a solution to dropped calls and slow data speed inside buildings. The zBoost TRIO models are carrier specific and boost 4G LTE data on Verizon™ or AT&T™ networks, as well as voice and text for all carriers and devices operating on the 800MHz and 1900MHz frequency bands.

    “The explosive growth and adoption of 4G LTE technology by consumers using smartphones and tablets is driving our move towards true Connected Living,” said Karen Reynolds, president of zBoost. “Recent reports find that 68 percent of consumers’ smartphone use happens at home** making a reliable indoor cell phone signal an important component for making Connected Living a reality.”

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  • Techlicious likes zBoost SOHO Xtreme Dual-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

    June 10, 2014 - Leave a Comment

    Techlicious'  Rachel Cohen recently talked about zBoost SOHO Xtreme in How to Get Better Cell Phone Reception At Home.

    There’s something depressing about seeing a single, sad bar on your cell phone indicating barely any reception — or worse, no bars at all. The reality is that sometimes you need a little something extra to strengthen your signal so your calls, texts and everything else go through according to plan. Without that boost, your home becomes a dead zone.


    Choose from these solutions for a boost that works with your budget, service and phone model.

    zBoost SOHO Xtreme

    Cell phone signal boosters

    Sometimes referred to as a repeater, a cell phone signal booster is a bidirectional amplifier that enhances your reception whether the problem is interference, the location of the cell phone tower or something else. It receives a signal from the closest cell phone tower from a receiver you mount outside and passes it over a cable to the amplifier, then increases the signal’s strength and broadcasts it inside your home using an internal antenna. Since the your phone is connecting to the strong signal generated by the antenna in your home, boosters also extend your phone's battery life.

    We like the highly-rated zBoost SOHO Xtreme Dual-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit. This all-in-one package increases indoor signal coverage in homes of up to 5,500 square feet. And, it's compatible with all U.S. carriers and mobile devices using 800 and 1900 MHz (except Nextel/iDEN or 4G).

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  • Trekaroo's 5 Best Travel Apps for Kids

    June 6, 2014 - Leave a Comment

    Road App for kids

    Family travel brings many great moments and memories that can last a lifetime.  However, taking a road trip with kids can be long, stressful and sometimes painful.  Thanks to Trekaroo, they've given us some great app ideas to make your travel experience more pleasant.  They also emphasize the  importance of a strong signal.

    "As long as you have a strong cell phone signal, smartphones and tablets keep you connected on the road. Avoid being “cut-off”  or getting stuck with slow data traffic with a cell phone signal booster.  Using a booster reduces dropped calls and increases data speed.  Try a zBoost Mobile1 for a single user to boost signal for voice calls and texts or the Wilson Electronics Mobile 4G for multiple users to boost data, voice calls and text. Learn more and"

     zBoost car bars ZB245_car_bars image

    Sharlene Earnshaw recently outlined these great travel apps for kids in her article, 5 Best Apps for Kids to Use While Traveling.  Try the following 5 apps to keep your kids occupied on your way to and from your road trip destination: Continue reading

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