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  • Back To School Apps & Tech

    September 2, 2014 - Leave a Comment

    As the kids go back to school this year, be sure to check out some of the great Apps and Tech available for students. Mary Cantwell shares this great inforgraphic with us.

    Mary is a DEEP design thinker in the K12 Arena. Homebase Atlanta, GA Thankful playing field, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School Creator of DEEPdt methodology, Discover. Empathize. Experiment. Produce. Center 4 Design Thinking: a thinker, a doer, a dreamer, a maker, a tinker, a rough around the edges learner @scitechyedu

  • Enter to win zBoost Metro Cell Phone Signal Booster!

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    Who doesn't want to win free stuff? Here is your chance to win a zBoost Metro! Perfect gadget for college kids going back to school, who are living in dorm rooms or off campus apartments with bad cell signal coverage. For contest rules and entry form click HERE

    Benefits Include:

    • Increases indoor signal coverage – up to 1500 sq ft
    • Supports multiple users simultaneously
    • Compatible with all U.S. carriers and mobile devices using 800 & 1900 MHz (except Nextel/iDEN or 4G, 2100MHz phones)
    • Increases voice and data transmission
    • Decreases dropped or missed calls
    • Easy to set up – comes complete with everything you need
    • No cradle or connections to your phone
    • Extends phone battery life (uses less power when signal is stronger)
    • Protects the carrier network using patented technology

    Cell phone signal booster

  • zBoost METRO featured on Wake Up Wisconsin!

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    The zBoost METRO was recently featured on Wake Up Wisconsin as part of Gift ideas for your student with Lindsay Roberts, founder of The Gift Insider.

    Lindsay is a gift expert from and is showing some cool back -to-school gift ideas for students of all ages. The zBoost METRO appears on the video at 1 minute and 44 seconds.

    Check out this video!

  • 10 Organization Tips

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    How important is being able to organize well in your daily life?  The importance will vary depending on a person’s personality and life involvement.  As a university student who is carrying a full course load and interning with Wi-Ex, organization is a must!  Between due dates for school papers or projects and deadlines at work, I have to be organized to keep it all straight.  We all know that person, whether it be a fellow classmate, teammate, or coworker, that seems to wait until the last minute because “they forgot” or “lost track of the work”.  We also all know that person where everything has to be “perfect” all the time.  Both of these personalities can be exhausting!  We all need to find that balance between perfection and disorganization in order to navigate work and life efficiently and with minimal stress. listed the “10 habits of highly organized people” to help us all work towards or achieve that perfect balance to keeping on track in life.

    ( – To read full article click here.
    1. Walk away from bargains

    2. Make peace with imperfection : How to stop being perfect all the time

    3. Never label anything "miscellaneous"

    4. Schedule regular decluttering sessions Peter Walsh's 3 rules for getting organized this summer

    5. Stick with what works

    6. Create a dump zone

    7. Ask for help When to ask for help -- and how to do it

    8. Separate emotions from possessions

    9. Foresee (and avoid) problems

    10. Know where to donate

    To read the full article click here.

  • Mommy Blog: Back to School

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    Did you know that American consumers will spend an estimated $2.6 billion for back-to-school supplies this fall.  The list of back to school must haves is becoming more and more technology focused.  I can only imagine what will be on my kids lists when they start school in a few years - Carter recently told me he needed a real laptop and a small one like Daddy's not a big one like Mommy's. ReadWriteWeb, a  popular technology blogs in the world known for offering insightful analysis about each day's Internet industry news, recently survey educators to find the one new tech tool they are most looking forward to taking into the classroom with them this fall. Following are the top five:

    1.    iPad
    2.    Twitter
    3.    Google Apps for Education
    4.    Blogs
    5.    Sharing and Collaboration Tools: 21st Century Teaching and Learning

     Check out the full article here:

    Good to know that at 3 1/2 and 10 months, Carter and Reese are already in the top five with their blogs!

     Hope all of the students, teachers and staff have a great start to their school year!

  • Landline Losers Turn to zBoost to Stay Connected

    August 18, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    As Generation Y leads the trend of dropping landline phones in favor of cell phones, a strong cell phone signal becomes much more of a necessity rather than a luxury.  According to the zBoost State of the Cell Signal survey, commissioned by Wi-Ex and conducted by Harris Interactive, more than 70 percent of cell phone owners experience problems with their in-door cell phone service and with landlines becoming a thing of the past on today’s college campus the zBoost line of cell phone signal boosters are quickly becoming a back-to-college essential.

    The zBoost line of products creates Cell Zones™ for the home, office, car, personal space and travel.  zBoost reduces dropped calls and improves cell phone signal indoors, as well as increases signal and speed of aircards, EDGE and 3G technology.

     This fall, relieve your (affectionately named) Landline Loser loved ones of unnecessary costs by giving them the gift of reliable cell phone signal.

     zBoost-ONE PCS - $249

    • One-of-a-kind: Industry’s first one piece cell phone signal booster
    • Boost 3G: Easy solution to maximize their 3G high-speed data and video, instant messaging, pictures and more
    • Easy set-up: Place the unit in the window, plug it in and enjoy all of the voice and data functionality on a PCS phone up to 1200 square feet.
    • PCS Boost: The zBoost-ONE works with all phones using the 1900Mhz frequency, more commonly called PCS.

     zBoost Dual Band YX510- $399

    • Living 3G: Increase signal and speed of voice and data transmission, as well as, aircards, EDGE and 3G
    • Extends CellZones: Perfect for a fraternity/sorority house, first- time home owners or your family home with coverage up to 2500 sq ft-
    • Life of the party: Supports multiples users and carriers simultaneously


  • Back to College

    July 14, 2009 - Leave a Comment

     The 4th of July has come and gone and next on the calendar is Back to School.

    My husband and I are at the University of Georgia with our oldest daughter attending her freshman orientation and we are even spending the night in a dormitory room.  One thing I noticed when we checked into the room was the lack of a land line telephone.  As I was trying to hook up my laptop to the internet I found the old phone cord and it had a label saying "This Is NOT An Active Phone Line".  This was confirmed at one of the sessions, when the director of housing said that this was the first year that UGA would not have land lines in the dorm rooms.

     During today's sessions there was lots of conversation about safety and notifying our children if there was a campus emergency.  This all seemed well thought out, but as an iPhone user I know how unreliable cell service can be, especially in old buildings.  I spent all day in the Tate Student Center which had both an old and a new section and I had no data service on my iPhone all day. This lack of service was quite disconcerting when the school was counting on cell phones as the main source of communication for emergency situations.

     Since this is my first child that is going off to college, my mind began imagining all kinds of situations that would require a land line or a reliable cell phone signal.  What if there was a family emergency, a terrorist action or a tornado in the area and we couldn't reach her?

     We will soon be shopping for all the items to set up her new dorm room such as a mini refrigerator, matching comforters, and even a new laptop computer.  After today's experience I will be adding a zBoost personal to our dorm room shopping list.


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