Buckhead Business RadioX Interviews Karen Reynolds

  • Buckhead Business RadioX Speaks with Karen Reynolds

    December 9, 2014 - Leave a Comment

    Karen Reynolds recently shared the zBoost solutions to dropped, missed and choppy voice calls with the listeners of Buckhead Business RadioX.  Rich Casanova hosted the event and Reynolds was joined by Rick Griffin of Midlife Road Trip, Leslie Kuban with FranNet, and Amy Self with Capstone Financial Group.  

    Some excepts include:

    Buckhead Business Radio 11-18-14 Karen Reynolds 2As President and CFO of zBoost, formerly Wi-Ex, Karen Reynolds has immersed herself in the technology, manufacturing and business aspects of the wireless industry and under her leadership, zBoost cell phone signal boosters has expanded into new markets, and increased sales by more than 35%.

    While the technology continues to advance including 4G for data, recent announcements of 4G for voice and the continued growth of smartphones and tablets, there are still challenges to a strong indoor cell phone signal including green building materials, heavy foliage in the warm months, hills and mountains, valleys, and adjacent tall buildings, to name a few. This can result in the potential for millions of unhappy mobile users as a result of slow data and dropped calls.

    The listen to the podcast and see the guest summaries click here.

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