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  • Wi-Ex Expands its Commercial, Corporate and Machine-to-Machine Solutions

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    New zBoost Blog Provides Resource on Mobile Trends,
    Teleworking and zBoost's Business-Centric Solutions

    Wi-Ex showcased its commercial, corporate and machine-to-machine solutions  at CTIA Wireless in booth # 3059.  zBoost also launched its news zBoost Business Blog, "zBoost: Increasing Signal, Increasing Business."   The zBoost Business Blog (http://zboostworkforce.wordpress.com/) will provide a resource for businesses and today's mobile workforce to stay up-to-date on mobile trends, teleworking and zBoost's business-centric solutions.

    The zBoost line allows users to take full advantage of data, voice and Internet services on their iPhones, BlackBerry, DROID, connected devices, smartphones and other mobile devices including 3G high-speed data and video, instant messaging, pictures and more - at home, in their personal workspace or in a corporate office, both in the U.S. and abroad.

    According to IDC Technology Spotlight From Consumer-Centric to Business Essential: Extending Smartphone and Mobile Broadband Device Service into the Workplace, IDC #1073, January, 2011, "Used for years to improve sub-par cell service in homes, signal-boosting technology has come of age to provide increased signal strength throughout a business facility."

    "The expansion of our corporate, machine-to-machine and commercial solutions, are in direct response to our customers and the changes in the industry," said Lloyd R. Meese, CEO of Wi-Ex.  "The rapid adoption of smartphones including iPhones and BlackBerry, tablets and other connected devices has caused a shift in the way businesses operate.  From M2M applications to large commercial complexes to the rising number of teleworkers, the zBoost line provides a business-centric solution for improving poor in-door cell phone coverage."  

    The "zBoost: Increasing Signal, Increasing Business" Blog will focus on providing insight into the role of cell phones in today's business environment.  With increases in gas prices and the flexibility smartphones provide corporate America, the zBoost Business Blog will feature a monthly Teleworking Tuesdays and provide tips, testimonials and insight for teleworkers. In addition, the blog will provide a resource for the latest mobile trends and information on zBoost products and solutions.

  • International CTIA Wireless 2011

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