• Cybersecurity Report 2010

    March 30, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    Wi-Ex was featured in this year's Cybersecurity Report from the Washington Post. Our CEO, Lloyd R. Meese was also featured on their panel of experts!

    As a leader in wireless communications, we know firsthand the impact poor in-door cell phone signal has on today’s mobile consumer especially when it comes to personal safety and emergencies. According to our zBoost “State of the cell Signal” Survey, commissioned by Wi-ex , and conducted by Harris Interactive, nearly 70 percent of cell phone owners consider their cell phone their essential communications tool and 67 percent of owners experience problems with their cell phone signal at home.

    With an increasing number of Americans opting to drop their landline and relying solely on their mobile phones, a reliable in-door cell phone signal is essential. Our products can help in a variety of areas for both personal and public safety including disaster areas, campuses, health care facility, safety and emergency vehicles, as well as public parking decks. Often in disaster areas a cell phone is the only communication to the outside world. Our customers and dealers have shared their stories from using the zBoost to stay connected following hurricanes to most recently our dealer, Quantum Wireless, using a zBoost connected to a wind turbine during a mission to Haiti. Our zBoost products can help cell phone users stay connected during these difficult times.

    Click here to read the complete section from the Washington Post.

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