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  • Fixing Default Settings on your iPhone

    October 9, 2014 - Leave a Comment

    You may love your iPhone, most do, however there are some default setting that are annoying and you can change that.  Jason O. Gilbert of Yahoo Tech writes in 8 Annoying iPhone Default Settings (and How to Fix Them), some of the ways to make your phone work better for you.

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    1. Stop telling people your email is “Sent from my iPhone.” - You may or may not want the recipient of your email to know if you are in your office or out and about.  To change the default, go into Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then scroll down until you see Signature. Tap that, tap the white box, and then delete those words until the box is blank.  Or you can write your own clever signature in the box.

    2. Give yourself a distinctive ringtone. - Every iPhone owner has the same options for ring tones.  When you are out, it is sometimes hard to distinguish who's getting a call or message.  Make yours unique.  Go to Settings, then Sounds, and then open up each sound that you wish to make your own, under Sounds and Vibration Patterns and choose something that is not so ordinary for your sound effects.

    3. Put all your Apple apps into their own folder. - Some of the apps on your iPhone can not be deleted.  Even the ones that you never use, are there to stay.  By putting them all in a folder makes your screen less cluttered and unused apps are out of the way. Hold your finger down on one of the apps you want to hide until it starts shaking. Then drag it on top of another app you want to hide. This will form a folder. Continue to drag  all the apps you don’t want into that folder.

    4. Make sure those apps don’t eat your data. - You can choose to disable data usage over cellular networks for certain apps, so that they’ll connect to the Internet only over WiFi, where they won’t use your data. Go into Settings, then Cellular, and then flick the green switch off for any app you don’t want to use over your 3G or 4G.  Additionally you can choose which of your apps automatically update on the background of your phone by going to, General, Background App Refresh.

    To read about all of the 8 settings and the easy way to fix each, go to https://www.yahoo.com/tech/8-annoying-iphone-default-settings-and-how-to-fix-99405784404.html?soc_src=mags

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