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  • Sharon Cuppett – Global EXEC Women's Panelist

    September 3, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    Wi-Ex's own Sharon Cuppett, VP of Marketing and Product Management, was recently invited to be on a Global EXEC Women's panel discussing the topic of "Growing a Successful Brand, Product & Service in 2010” 

    The other panel speakers were:

    -Janis Cannon - Vice President, Global Brand Management, Hotel Indigo, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and  

    -Julie Collins - Director, Global Integrated Marketing, CIBA Vision Corporation

    Sharon Cuppett - Vice President, Wi-Ex   

    The Moderator for this event was:

    -Vicki Hamilton - Senior Vice President, Turner Broadcasting System        

    As an attendee, I was impressed with the level of executives in the room from all of the top Atlanta companies such as Coca Cola, Turner Broadcasting, Bank of America and many others.   The panelists did an outstanding job providing specific examples of what worked, what didn't work and peaks into the future of their brands.   

    Social media was a large part of the discussion as well as the importance of video in getting the brands message to the consumer. Sharon provided a number of important statistics that put the role of social media into perspective and also offered specific guidelines on how to make it most affective.

    The breakfast was held at the Buckhead Club on Monday, August 23, 2010 at 7:30 a.m.

  • Mothers Day Gift Tips

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    Over the years I have had hits and misses as far as gift-buying for my mom.  I can always tell when I have a hit as far as gifts go.  She always tells me when people like her gifts – even months and sometimes years later.  Here are some of the HITS.  They come in affordable or “I was a wild child and owe you” price range.  Since shipping is an issue with me- all these gifts are easy to send.

    • Best gift –usually brings tears —a phone call saying thanks
      • Thanks for being my mom and all that entails!
      • Now the next part is key—actually say things that you remember she did for you --  the sacrifices, the carpool to practices, dinners every night, supporting your dreams - Fill in your own specifics—but actually SAY it.

    Other gifts that were hits over the years:

    • Photos gifts -- My latest “best gift” is a picture purse I had made with pictures of our family at her 80th birthday last summer.  She loves it – it’s a “brag book” and purse all in one.  People stop her, probably because it is so gaudy, but she loves the attention and last week told me she was stopped on the street by an admirer.  Photo mugs, calendars, coasters, digital key chains (pre-loaded) and even cosmetic bags are all under $20 – and guaranteed – your mom will like it.  There are numerous versions and pricing – check out  photo area or  or go to Costco for some ideas.
    • Lotions – It’s a tricky one due to the smell, but if you choose wisely, any hand or body lotions with UV protection are used and appreciated.
    • Teas or coffee – everybody loves a cup of tea in the evening.  Send teas or hot chocolate with a new mug or teacup.
    • Garden tools -- gloves, hat, apron, knee pads or digging tools

    Best gifts for local (no shipping involved) moms:

    • Hand-picked flowers –This is only good, if you have your own garden.  (It’s extra bad if you pilfer them from a public park or setting.)
    • An evening at home– this could include dinner and a DVD classic with favorites from her generation.
    • A scheduled Mom’s day – could include a visit to the local museum, park, zoo or theatre.

    However you choose to honor your Mom – just do it!

  • Spring Cleaning at Work

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    Spring Cleaning isn’t just for your house. Whether you can relate to any of the following or not, it’s time to “spring clean” your computer AND/OR your iphone or equivalent.

    1. Your computer desktop screen image could be relabeled “Sasquatch” – you are pretty sure it exists, but really can’t get a good look at it—it’s underneath all those desktop shortcuts, program downloads and files.
    2. When accessing your mailbox, it takes minutes to upload the over 1000 messages in your inbox -   some are so old, they include the video from Baja’s remake of “Who Let the Dogs Out” (2000).  (Still a favorite for 6 year olds and UGA Bulldog fans)!
    3. You thought it was odd that your computer included a program called “defrag” – clearly some game from the PBS “Fraggle Rock” children series – nothing you need to “play”.
    4. You think your computer is haunted because applications shut down mysteriously and sometimes reboot your machine.
    5. You have had a visit from the blue screen “fairy” and your computer went dead.  The fairy is clearly a minion sent by the people that provide us back-up drives and security software.

    Start cleaning:  We’ll start at # 5 above and count backwards -

    1. If you have ever had a Blue Screen Fairy visit, then you know that the most important thing to do is backup your files. Do it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly – To quote Nike – “Just Do It.” I use a Seagate Passport and love it.  Buy one, plug it into your computer and follow the instructions. This may take some time the first time, so it might be a good time for a coffee break – you’ll have time to brew a couple of pots, the first time you back up.  a.) At this time- it’s probably a good time to download a free anti-virus software program – if you don’t already have one.
    2. After backing up your computer, it’s time to clean up all those old pictures, videos and old large corporate files .  You probably don’t need to be storing 5 years of family photos and videos on your computer.  And, when was the last time you accessed that 16Mb, memory-hogging, 3-year-old ppt presentation.  Make sure they are stored on the Seagate hard drive, then delete them and free-up a couple of gigs of memory from your computer. 
    3. On my machine, I find this program by going into  ”control panel”  then “administrative tools,” then “storage management” – it may vary, but most machine come with a Defrag program.  Run defrag—Again this is time consuming – but it will make your computer more efficient and faster.  Time for more coffee – maybe it needs to be made “Irish” – I am part Irish. :)
    4. Use folders and subfolders to store messages and files on your computer.  Think of your computer like a filing cabinet or a desk.  Would you really just put file folders and documents all over the top of it?  Not likely.  If you have never used folders – start now.  I know it’s time-consuming, but it will make future cleaning and searching go faster.  When I get behind and overwhelmed by the thought of this task, I have occasionally labeled some folders by month or season or desperately, by year, and moved everything from that time into it.   (It’s not the best system, but it’s a start.)   


    When you have cleaned up your computer, like other spring cleaning – it feels great!

  • Online pushes offline sales

    October 16, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    It may surprise you, but we all know it. We all do it. Research says that online consumers think nothing of shopping across a retailer’s stores, Web site and catalog. So, online product research continues to drive more land-store sales than online sales. Yes – reread that sentence because it tells us where to put marketing your monies – “Online product research is actually driving more land-store sales than online sales.”

    According to eMarketer, from 2007 to 2012, Web-influenced store sales are forecast to grow at a 19% average annual rate, compared with a 12% rate for retail e-commerce.

    Your marketing can be as simple as highlighting the nearest retail locations or presenting coupons for in-store use based on shoppers’ geographic locations. Any retailer who isn’t using the online channel to promote offline sales—as well as online sales—is missing a huge opportunity.

    And speaking of coupons—here are a few sites to check out before you shop.

  • Gerry's Gang

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    "entire group copy webCelebrating 80 years of Fun, Style and General Awesomeness!"  This was the back of the T-shirts we made for my Mom's 80th birthday and the front said, "Gerry's Gang".

     My family, Gerry's Gang, was in Amelia Island celebrating my Mom's 80th birthday.  She is a true Yankee Doodle Dandy, born on the 4th of July.  Most 80 year olds with a husband, 5 children, and 12 grandchildren would be considered the family matron, but not my Mom, she is the leader of Gerry's Gang.  Adding to Gerry's gangs are my sibling's spouses, who have been labeled the out-laws rather than the in-laws

     Our 4th of July celebration included all of the above family members except for one grandson who was on a submarine, (We can't say where, because it's a secret.) plus my Mom's older sister and 2 of her nieces and one nephew.  Whew! That was a lot of people, with a lot of cell phones using different types of phones and service providers.

     Thank goodness my sister and brother in law have a zBoost dual band installed in their home.  With over 25 people in their home for most of the weekend, good cell service was a necessity.  We had family members at the beach, on the golf cart, at the beach club and at the house.  Without cell phones and a good cell phone signal it would have been impossible to keep track of everyone's comings and goings. 

    We spent many hours in and around the pool enjoying each other's company and celebrating Gerry, the leader of our Gang.


  • Belief in Ideas

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    If I were required to guess off-hand, and without collusion with higher minds, what is the bottom cause of the amazing material and intellectual advancement of the last fifty years, I should guess that it was the modern-born and previously non-existent disposition on the part of men to believe that a new idea can have value.

    Was this said last week, last year or over 100 years ago? 

    It’s appropriate to write on the topic of “believing in new ideas” during the week of the 40th anniversary of landing on the moon. Technology may be a driving force and the internet and smart phones have surely changed the way we communicate, but it probably started with an idea and the openness to that idea.  I have to agree with Mark Twain on his belief in ideas.  (Yes, the quote is over 100 years old and still kicking.) 

    Being in technology marketing, I have witnessed many times, one group of very smart non-believers say something is “impossible” and another group proving them wrong in time.  No magic, no voodoo (that I know of) just belief in an idea and lots of hard work, sleepless nights and determination in figuring out how to bring “the idea” to life. The “believers” don’t always persevere, but they still believe.  I never get bored in the technology industry and I no longer give credit to the voice at the table that says “it’s impossible”.  In fact, just the opposite -  I usually think – ok if we don’t do it, someone else will – the idea has slipped out, now SOMEONE will believe and bring it to life

    At this time, there a product out there that I never thought I would see – I didn’t believe it was possible and it has changed my life.  It’s at the top of my “made my life better” list of products.  I am thinking of a product that I didn’t believe could exist.   No, I am not pitching zBoost – it’s great – and it works and it’s changed my life by keeping me from running to the windows to answer my mobile.  Although zBoost is up there on my list, the top product is the product that I thought was impossible -- the CHI hair straightener.  I’m just saying – it’s amazing and hard to believe that it works! (If you ever saw me on a rainy day, you would know what I mean.)

    So take some time this summer to be open to new ideas and believe.  Go ahead and comment on products that made your life easier.  

    If you want to guest blog – send your thoughts to .  If you want us to follow you on Twitter, send your info to

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