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  • Scheduling Made Easy -

    June 1, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    If the thought of scheduling your next team meeting or even a night out with your friends, has you seeing visions of an inbox full of emails with possible days and times and needing an excel sheet to figure out the best day and time then is for you.  With a simple set up of possible days and times, you are given a link that they can send out or you can send out to those you want to invite.   The result is chart that shows the proffered dates and times for each of the invites.

    As a working mom of two small children active with a charity organization, is my new social and professional friend!  I recently was able to set a team outing with a possible four dates in a few hours and without my inbox filling up with conflicting dates and times.  A strongly suggest giving it a try - by the way the best part - it is FREE!

  • Site of the Week: Hungry Girl

    May 20, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    In Hungry Girl’s own words, “I'm not a nutritionist, I'm just hungry.”

    As a self-proclaimed, average woman who struggles with all same foods issues as most other woman, Hungry Girl has created this website where she does all the leg work for helping woman make better food choices. As someone, who has struggled with fad diets, and yoyo dieting, Hungry Girl has made a change in her own life, and now helps other women make a change in their own. Hungry Girl says, “I scour supermarkets, restaurants and more to fulfill the cravings of my former lifestyle with replacement choices, and I love every minute of it! From low calorie ice cream sundaes to low carb donuts, I am always at the forefront of the latest trends in food and dieting, living the Hungry Girl lifestyle and loving what I eat! Some of the features of the Hungry Girl website are:

    • The News section, where HG is: Looking for the latest diet & nutrition headlines? You're in the right place...Dig in!” Here, HG covers all new topics about food, new products and what’s going on in the foodie world.
    • Chew The Right Thing:  Fabulous finds and disastrous discoveries revealed...Eat 'em up!” This section lists tons of recipes to make your favorite things, but in healthier ways.
    • Ask Hungry Girl:  Hungry Girl dishes out fresh advice...Gobble some up!” This is a Q&A section where readers send in their questions, and HG answers.
    • Weekly Weigh-In: "We've got lots on our mind. Click around to see what we're weighing in on!"  HG takes a look at popular products and lets you know which ones she likes best. For example, one of this morning’s weigh-in was on the nutritional content Greek Yogurt vs. Plain Yogurt, to see which is a better snack choice.
    • Girls Bite Out: You CAN survive weekends and dining out! These tips, tricks & recipes will help you get thru even the hungriest of times...” This section is dedicated to the most difficult time to eat healthy- the weekends and when going out with friends. This helpful section focuses on maintaining healthy choices while having fun!

    Go to Hungry Girl today and check out ways to change your eating habits for the better! You can also sign up for her FREE daily email!

  • Site of the Week: TwinStrata

    April 29, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    TwinStrata is a pioneer in the Cloud Storage Enablement (CSE) market with the industry’s first purpose-built architecture and software solution to enable Intelligent Storage Clouds (ISC). ISC deliver simple, affordable and secure storage solutions to enterprise environments. TwinStrata’s solutions address the business need for on-demand IT services, providing new levels of business agility, efficiency, IT alignment and cost management for protecting and managing the growth of business application data.

    “Cloud enablement solutions, like the one TwinStrata offers, will help accelerate corporate cloud storage adoption,” said Terri McClure, a senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Companies can realize the availability, security and performance characteristics of local storage, without the capital investment and overhead of housing and managing storage themselves.”

    “TwinStrata is working with customers around the world and with industry-leading global technology companies to define and develop intelligent storage cloud architectures and solutions,” said TwinStrata CEO & Co-Founder Nicos Vekiarides.


    Here’s some additional information about Intelligent Storage Clouds from TwinStrata:

    What is an Intelligent Storage Cloud?

    Intelligent Storage Cloud services typically include Compute Anywhere™ application accessibility, seamless application integration, data replication, remote mirroring, data sharing, caching, zero-footprint snapshots, compression and security.

    What does an Intelligent Storage Cloud provide?

    An Intelligent Storage Cloud is an infinitely expandable and dynamic resource that provides the convenience and affordability of cloud storage without security risk or performance limitations.

    How does an Intelligent Storage Cloud get delivered?

    Intelligent Storage Cloud services are delivered through a best-of-breed solution offering that combines Cloud Storage Providers (CSP) with Cloud Storage Enablement (CSE) Providers and Cloud Storage Solution (CSS) Providers. This delivery model provides end users with partner choice options at each of the three layers to optimize the value of cloud based storage solutions.

    For a list of companies TwinStrata is working with, see the CloudArray Storage Ecosystem Partners list.

    What is Cloud Storage Enablement?

    A transformational category of a new, intelligent storage cloud solution required to meet the demands for a secure, easy-to-manage, low-cost, scale-as-you-grow storage solution in order to replace legacy storage infrastructures. Cloud Storage Enablement (CSE) combine with Cloud Storage Providers (CSP) and Cloud Storage Solution (CSS) Providers to deliver the Intelligent Storage Cloud.

    Why the need for Intelligent Storage Clouds?

    • Legacy storage environments have become increasingly complex causing companies to rethink storage environment
    • Mid size enterprises are administratively constrained
    • Information growth is straining resources (floors pace, power, cooling, manpower)
    • Storage service providers are cost effective, bandwidth is ubiquitous, outsourcing storage for specific functions is a realistic alternative to deal with challenges
    • Companies are assessing the challenge of justifying infrastructure refresh costs or choosing an alternative cloud model

    For more information, visit TwinStrata at

  • Site of the Week:

    April 15, 2010 - Leave a Comment


    If you are one of the many people that get annoyed by the automated robots that handle customer service phone lines these days then this site of the week is dedicated to you!

    With the “No Phone Trees” site you can look up direct numbers to customer service representatives without having to tell your life story to a robot first.

    So next time you are on the phone with a computer that has no idea what you are saying pull up and try to get connected in a different way- with an actual person!

  • Site of the Week:

    April 8, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    Merriam-Webster Online is one of my favorite resources to use as a young professional. It’s a helpful tool to use when doing any writing, either on a professional or personal level. Below are some of my favorite features that provides:

    • It contains a dictionary, thesaurus, medical dictionary and even an English-Spanish dictionary in the same search toolbar.
    • Word of the Day emails are a fun way to keep your brain active by learning a new word every day.
    • The Audio Dictionary is helpful for when you’re unsure about the pronunciation of a particular word or phrase.
    • Word games are a fun way to spend some free time, and to remind yourself of all those SAT vocabulary words that you may have forgotten.
    • The Visual Dictionary provides a visual representation of search terms that you look up, for example a diagram of a strawberry.

    Check it out!

  • Site of the Week:

    April 1, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    For all those of you out there that get a rush when getting a bargain, Groupon is for you! What this site goes is offers a wide variety of products and services at incredibly low prices for your specific area. These products and services include discounts on restaurants, spa services, museum memberships, car maintenance, and even hot air balloon and other outdoor adventure. You can look up the deal each day at for your area or you can get the deals sent to your email every morning. You must purchase the detail within the day that it is posted which usually expires at midnight.

    The best part about these already low deals is Groupon gives you the details right on the deal page. Groupon will tell you the price, the value, the discount, what you are saving, and the amount of time left for the deal. Another great aspect is there is a section that lists “The Fine Print” or the requirements of the deal right out for you. Many times there are reviews listed for the product or service at the bottom, that way you can see just what the deal is all about.

    To start saving on with GroupOn visit

  • Site of the Week: Dial Idol

    March 18, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    For those of you who are American Idol fanatics like some of us at Wi-Ex, Dial Idol might be a fun tool for you and your friends to use this season for making predictions on the winner.

    Dial Idol is a website that uses your modem to call into American Idol and records the results o for each contestant. It runs under the assumption that each call that goes through is a vote. For contestants’ numbers who have a busy signal, the system assumes that there is a higher volume of calls for that contestant, giving them more votes. Dial Idol uses this busy/vote ratio to make a prediction for the rankings of American Idol during each voting night.

    While this website isn’t exact, it does provide a little insight into who is the most in-demand idol, and can help your own predictions for American Idol!

  • Site of the Week: Gilt Groupe

    March 11, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    This site is for all of you fashionistas out there who love to bargain shop! is the perfect site for shopping for yourself, others, or even your home at low prices! offers deals up to 70% off on high-end luxury items. These items consist of clothing, accessories, home decor, and even technology gadgets! You can sign up for the daily gilt email to get the daily specials emailed to you or you can look at the web page to get them as well. The deals go live at noon each day and you can buy them items until they are sold out or until midnight.

    Today's specials include the very popular Vera Wang bedding collection and Jacob & Co Jewelry line. A deal from yesterday was the Polaroid mobile printer for a low price of $39. A great deal a few weeks back was a Kate Spade purse for under $90!

    To start saving on your favorite luxury brands visit Gilt, you wont feel guilty for buying items at these prices.

  • Site of the Week:

    March 5, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    Since the Wi-Ex Marketing and PR teams have been doing so much travel lately-- CES, Macworld, MWC and soon for CTIA, we thought we would share one of our favorite websites the simplifies travel, whether it’s for business or pleasure—

    “TripIt is an online service that helps people organize all their travel plans—a flight, hotels, rental cars, trains, cruises—no matter where they booked.”

     Travelers forward their travel confirmation emails to, then TripIt processes these emails and automatically creates a master itinerary with travel plans, daily weather, local maps, restaurant reservations, city guides and more.

    By using TripIt, you can:

    • Organize trip details into one master itinerary, even when these travel arrangements are books on different travel site
    • Automatically include maps, directions and weather
    • Have the option to book restaurants, tickets and activities right from your online itinerary
    • Safely access travel plans online, share them with the important people in your lives, check flights and even print itineraries
    • You can use it online or on your iPhone

    The people are TripIt know firsthand how frustrating organizing the details of travel plans can be set out to make people’s lives easier by using technology and TripIt to simplify their lives.

    Try it for yourselves at

  • Site of the Week:

    February 25, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    With spring on the horizon and summer right around the corner everyone is ready for a vacation, right? This week’s site of the week is and with the kinds of deals this website is offering, you can enjoy a vacation of your dreams for a price you can easily afford! Currently, there are promotional sales going on, such as the  "99 Hour Sale" where there are crazy deals! The site is easy to navigate and offers deals on trips to anywhere in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Bermuda.

    If you need more reasons to book with here are a few items that are included with every reservation booked:

    • $100 off coupon if it rains
    • $50 off promo code for life
    • Hurricane & weather protection plans
    • Deposit plans
    • Price match guarantee

    So grab your sunscreen and shades now because you will be on the beach in no time with prices like these! To link to CheapCaribbean visit:

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