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    February 24, 2015 - Leave a Comment

    Smartphones have increasingly become our go-to devices for just about everything we do.  Unfortunately, they also are becoming a target for cybercriminals.   We need to take measures to protect ourselves and our devices from spyware.

    “Chains Joint On Smartphone Showing Security Unity” by Stuart Miles “Chains Joint On Smartphone Showing Security Unity” by Stuart Miles

    Natasha Stoke of Techlicious recently outlined  some safety measures that you can take for your device in 9 Steps to Making Your Smartphone Secure.  Some of her recommendations include:

    1. Log out after banking and shopping - Always sign out from banking or shopping sites to protect your personal information in the event your device is hacked.  If possible, use your banks official app.

    2. Only use public Wi-Fi hotspots that require passwords - If you need to use public Wi-Fi be sure to only use secure networks that require a password.  Unsecured networks let hackers see all web traffic including passwords.    If you need to use public Wi-Fi, be sure to use an encryption app such as Freedome. This will  secure your connection to Wi-Fi networks so that your data is unreadable, and blocks tracking while you're surfing the web.

    3. Set a password on your lock screen  Without using an obvious, simple password, you can delay a phone thief long enough so that  you can use your site (Android Device Manager, Find My iPhone, or Windows Phone) to locate and remote-erase your device.

    4. Get a security app - There are free security apps available such as Lookout and Avast Free Mobile Securtiy which scan apps for malware, and if discovered, will remove it.  They also can help you find your smartphone if lost or stolen.

    Be sure to read all of the 9 steps to stay smartphone secure here.

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