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  • The State of the Cell Phone Signal by zBoost

    June 20, 2013 - Leave a Comment

    Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 10.21.26 AM

    Are you included in the 65% of Americans that are plagued with poor indoor cell phone signal? The State of the Cell Phone Signal by zBoost breaks down the issue highlighting  the History, Forecast and Frustrations of consumers when it comes to indoor cell phone signal.

    The State of the Cell Phone Signal infographic is a portion of the  "Tips, Tools and Tech --- Guide for staying Connected, Organized and Entertained", launched today. The special report, presented by zBoost, highlights tips, technologies and tools providing insight into targeting the best technology to say goodbye to the "Dead Zone" and hello to the "Mobile Zone". To view the complete special report visit

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  • Technology Germs 101

    March 12, 2013 - Leave a Comment

    Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 10.23.16 AM

    With the flu running wild, we thought this info-graphic could help cut tech germs out of your life. Keeping It Kleen provides us with reasons to clean your technology more often, just check out the stats below:
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  • iPad Tops Kid's Wish List for 2012 Holiday Season

    December 4, 2012 - Leave a Comment

    If you're wondering what to get the little angels in your life this holiday season look no further than the Apple store. A recent Mashable article highlighted a recent Nielsen survey showing nearly half of kids between the ages of 6-12 are interested in getting an iPad within the next six moths. This makes 2012 the third consecutive year that the iPad is the most-wanted device for the age group.

    Check out this image to see the full list of the 2012 kid wish list.

    To read more about the survey visit:

  • zBoost Launches zBoost Mobile App

    October 15, 2012 - Leave a Comment

    New zBoost Apps Help Consumers and Installers Position Booster Antennas For Best Signal

    zBoost AppAtlanta - October 10, 2012 -  Wi-Ex, a leading provider of consumer and commercial cell phone signal booster kits, announced today the launch of its zBoost Mobile Apps including zBoost Signal Mapper for iPhone iOS 6 and zBoost Signal Finder for Android.   It’s available for free in the Google Play Store for Android phones and in the iTunes Store for iPhones with iOS 6.  Designed to help both professional installers and consumers, the zBoost Signal Finder for Android, allows users to locate the closest cell phone tower to their phone and utilize this information to help improve the cellular signal by installing a cell phone signal booster in the best location. Due to their handling of information, the iPhone running on iOS 6 app doesn’t show the closest tower, so zBoost Signal Mapper for iPhone iOS 6 maps the signal strength and finds the best place in the building to mount your antenna for the strongest signal. 

    The zBoost line includes cell phone signal booster kits for both professional installations of large spaces, as well as consumer friendly solutions for homes and small offices.   For installers the zBoost Signal Mapper for iPhone and zBoost Signal Finder for Android helps aim directional antennas to maximize the cell phone signal and for consumers it allows them to position their antenna in the best spot for the strongest signal.

    “With the rapid growth of smartphones and tablets, consumers and businesses rely on a strong cell phone signal to stay connected.  And for web use, the stronger the signal, the faster the data speeds,” said Sharon Cuppett, vice-president of marketing at Wi-Ex.  “We created the zBoost Mobile Apps to add value to all of our customers’ experience with our products.  The zBoost Mobile Apps provide both our installers and consumers an easy-to-use solution to help them maximize using our product and put an end to missed calls and slow data.”

    Once installed, the zBoost Signal Finder for Android phones locates which cellular tower is providing the cellular service at that time and then displays this tower on a map with the signal strength indicated.  If installing a zBoost cell phone signal booster, the user can simply run the app at the location where the zBoost is being installed. Once the locations of the towers are determined, the user clicks on the 'Direction' button to show the location of the strongest signal tower using a compass style indicator. In just a few minutes the exact location of where to install and aim the outside antenna can be determined.

    Since the zBoost Signal Mapper for the iPhone does not give the tower location, it requires that the user walk around the area or the entire structure to see where the strongest signal is displayed.  The app will show the signal strength as a colored dot on a map, and then as the user walks around there will be more dots placed on the map using a color associated with the signal strength (bright green for strongest signal, down to dark red for the weakest).  Simply walk around the outside of the building that will have the booster installed; the location(s) that shows the brightest green will be the ideal location for the outside antenna installation.  In just a few minutes the exact location of where to install and aim the outside antenna can be determined,  The map can be viewed in satellite mode showing the house or building or street mode.

    About Wi-Ex

    Wi-Ex (, a leading provider of cell phone signal boosters, developed zBoost, the first consumer-priced signal booster that “extended cell zones” for the small office/home office cell phone market. Wi-Ex has expanded their “extending cell zone coverage” beyond consumers to corporate enterprises and large commercial applications. From M2M applications to large commercial complexes to the rising number of teleworkers, the zBoost line provides a business-centric solution for improving poor in-door cell phone coverage domestically and internationally. The zBoost product line works with most carriers in the US and abroad including AT&T, Sprint, Vodaphone, Verizon and T-Mobile. The award-winning zBoost home and office solutions help today's connected consumers including iPhone, iPad, Android (DROID), BlackBerry, and smartphone users with dropped calls and slow data. They were awarded a 2007 and 2010 Consumer Electronics Association Innovations Honoree by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and a 2011 EXC!TE honoree. They also were selected as a finalist for the 2007 and 2009 CTIA Emerging Technologies (E-Tech) Award. As the leader, zBoost has more awards, more sales and more locations than all their competitors combined. Wi-Ex continues to develop innovative products to meet the demands of an increasingly wireless society by enhancing wireless signals.


  • Paychex Infographic: Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing America's Small Businesses

    June 26, 2012 - Leave a Comment

    Recently the company Paychex a provider of payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses released an infographic that takes a look at how businesses use mobile technology to increase efficiency and productivity within their businesses.

    New infographic examines how small businesses use mobile technology to save time and increase productivity

    "Small business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly facing new demands on their time and are increasingly turning to mobile technology to better manage it," said Paychex President and CEO Martin Mucci. "In fact, as our new infographic illustrates, 50 percent of small businesses who use mobile technology say they couldn’t survive without it."

    Paychex released the infographic as it celebrates the launch of its new Paychex Mobile smartphone application for iPhone(R), Android(TM), and BlackBerry(R).

    The new Paychex infographic is available for download and embedding at

    cell phone booster will help run mobile apps faster on your mobile phone

    Information about the infographic click here

    For information on Paychex click here

  • Cell Phone User Statistics

    August 16, 2011 - Leave a Comment

    The Pew Research Center has released a new report titled Americans and Their Cell Phones.  With cell phone use and ownership continually rising, the survey finds a topic that applies to all of us.  Whether you are guilty of sending and receiving text, pictures, or video messages or just using your phone to avoid an awkward interaction with others, this report offers a statistic for all of these aspects of cell phone use.  A few of the stats really caught my eye as a smart phone user.

    • 42% of cell owners used their phone for entertainment when they were bored.  I am guilty of using my smart phone as entertainment while I’m waiting in line, listening to a particularly boring lecture, or when there is nothing on TV.
    •  20% of cell owners experienced frustration because their phone was taking too long to download something.
    • 51% of adult cell owners have used their phone at least one time to get information they needed immediately.   Let us not forget about those heated family or friend debates!  You need facts to help prove your side of the argument, or even just to squash that family quarrel between your mother and brother.

    I do not have to worry about the frustration of cell phone ownership because of my zBoost cell phone signal booster.  My zBoost has helped me in every one of these scenarios from boredom to frustration!  Not only does it relieve me from upload and download delays, but I never have to worry about not receiving or dropping important calls.

    To read Americans and Their Cell Phones in its entirety for all cell phone stats click here.

  • Google+ Boom

    August 2, 2011 - Leave a Comment

    As a Senior at Kennesaw State University I am always looking at the new technology especially social media.  I am always looking for ways to integrate my social media with my studies.  Whether it be adding new friends from classes, getting homework, or even just answers to general questions from classmates when professors are unavailable.  I'm proud to say that I think I have discovered the best way for me as a student to integrate my social media and university requirements.  I have been exploring and learning about Google+. It seems to have taken the best of all social media’s and combined them into one. There are two aspects of Google+ that I use the most for University. They are Google+ Hangouts and Huddles. The hangouts are used through Google+ on your computer creating video conferencing/chat rooms and the Google+ Huddles are used through the mobile app creating group texting / chat rooms.

    Google+ Hangouts make virtual video conference and chat accessible for all. Every Google+ member is able to enter the Hangout even if their computer or laptop is not equipped with video or microphones. The members of the Hangout that do not have video or microphone can still see and hear the hangout and are able to participate by typing in the chat section of the hangout. This option has changed the need for group meetings. Every student understands the difficulty of finding a time that every member of your team or group can meet. Some student’s work, some don’t, someone may have class during a time no one else does, well the Google+ Hangouts make finding that time easier. It eliminates the need for everyone to drive to a location to meet. With the Hangouts we can all jump online from home or any other location.

    The Google+ Huddles also help ease the difficulty with group meetings/projects. The user on the mobile app is able to create a group like “school project” and invite the specific users into the Huddle. Whenever a new message is created all other members get a notification to their cell phones, similar to a SMS text, keeping all members current on the conversation involving the projects.
    I currently use a zBoost to guarantee that I always have signal for my phone and computer. The zBoost makes sure that I am always connected on my DroidX and my laptop aircard to participate in the Huddles. Because of the zBoost I know I will always be able to participate and complete my work.

  • INFOGRAPHIC: Goodbye Wallets! How Mobile Payments Are Becoming the New Credit Card

    July 20, 2011 - Leave a Comment

    Money has evolved several times in human history: barter, coins, paper, plastic, and now, phones? It's true --- commerce is the next major advancement in mobile technology. Through the use of 'near field communications' (NFC) chips, several companies are about to revolutionize the way we shop, replacing our wallets with our smartphones.

  • CNN: "New 'iPhone 4S' might come to Sprint, T-Mobile"

    May 19, 2011 - Leave a Comment

    (CNN) -- Maybe the hotly anticipated iPhone 5 won't be an iPhone 5 at all.

    But it might be available on more carriers.

    The emerging theory, based on reports from industry analysts, is that the next model of Apple's smartphone will be called the iPhone 4S and be an update of the current model, not a radical advance.

    Multiple sites this weekend were citing a report by Peter Misek, an analyst with Jefferies & Co.

    "According to our industry checks, the device should be called iPhone 4S and include minor cosmetic changes, better cameras, A5 dual-core processor, and HSPA+ support," Misek wrote in a report Friday.

    Other analysts have offered similar predictions.

    But Misek also wrote that Sprint, T-Mobile and China Mobile will be added as iPhone carriers, citing more "industry checks."

    The A5 dual-core processor is the same one that's in the iPad 2. A dual-core processor is considered faster at running two programs at once than the single-core A4 processor in the iPhone 4.

    The term "HSPA+ is a reference to high-speed processing. The phone reportedly will not utilize long-term evolution (LTE) technology, which is frequently marketed as 4G coverage.

    The reports, and speculation, come as Apple's traditional iPhone freshen-up approaches.

    Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference begins June 6. That's been used as Apple's launching pad for the latest iPhone the past few years, but Apple has suggested the event will focus almost exclusively on software this year.

    The tech-community's hunch is that a new iPhone will be unveiled in the fall and rolled out in time for the holidays.

  • Mommy Blog: Zazoo Kids Alarm Clock

    May 16, 2011 - Leave a Comment

    As a mom to a 4 year old and 18 month old, sleep is a precious commodity in our house. Now our daughter can't get out of the crib ...yet so she is there until we go to get her but our 4 year old on the other hand has his moments. For the most part both are amazing sleepers but he goes through spells of getting up and since he can't tell time just yet he goes by whether it is dark or light or a potty call or he "got scared Mommy".  This alarm clock sounds like the perfect gift for him.   Maybe it will work and maybe not but I think a few extra minutes of sleep are worth the cost.

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