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  • Mac Edition Radio Holiday Picks - zBoost SOHO and zBoost METRO

    November 28, 2011 - Leave a Comment

    Wi-Ex is proud to announce that the zBoost SOHO and the  zBoost METRO are both listed as Mac Edition Radio Holiday Picks.  See the holiday post and then the entire review below.  To see all of the Mac Edition Radio Holiday Picks including a cool item that I plan to buy, called the Bringrr, go to: http://maceditionradio.com/index.php?module=pagesetter&tid=3&filter=homepage:notnull&orderby=core.publishDate:desc

    Review – Wi-Ex.com – zBoost-Metro & SOHO Cell Phone Signal Boosters

    Dropped calls are a constant annoyance and fact of our  cell phone lives, but what can you do if those calls keep getting dropped even  when you’re at work or home? We have tried cell phone cases that claim to  have “cell boosters” inside, but they didn’t seem to make much of a difference.  Another approach is to use a specialized amplifier and antenna to strengthen the  signal. We tested the zBoost -YX540 Metro and YX545 SOHO Cell Phone Signal  Boosters to see if our constantly dropped calls would come to a welcome end. The YX540 Metro and YX545 SOHO Cell Phone Signal Boosters are Mac Edition  Radio Holiday Picks! Harris Fogel 11/27/11

    Mac Editon Radio Review of            Wi-Ex.com – zBoost-Metro & SOHO Cell Phone Signal Boosters

    If you’ve never experienced a dropped cell phone call then you’re probably still using landlines!Dropped calls are a constant annoyance and fact of cell phone life, but what can you do if those calls keep getting dropped even when you’re at work or home? We have tried cell phone cases that claim to have “cell boosters” inside, but they didn’t seem to make a difference. Even if an antenna on a phone increases its sensitivity, the root problem is usually a dead zone, so a case that promises an antenna to boost sensitivity won’t have a signal to deal with, assuming the claim has any validity.Another, more active approach, entails the use of a specialized amplifier and antenna to strengthen your signal, grab it and distribute it to the room it is needed in. We tested the Wi-Ex.com – zBoost-Metro & SOHO Cell Phone Signal Boosters to see if our constantly dropped calls in the dead zones around the house could come to a welcome end.

    Unfortunately, I have the perfect “laboratory” to test the unit. Walking into our dining room while talking on a cell means that the call will inevitably drop almost as soon as you enter. At first I thought it was something my wife engineered to keep the kids and I from taking calls during meals, but it will happen consistently at any time of day, even when there isn’t food on the table!) Previously we’d tested the zBoost YX545 SOHO that differs from the Metro most visibly in the choice of signal antenna. The SOHO uses a traditional white co-ax whip approximately 12” long with a small extension on top. This should be mounted permanently in the highest spot you can find, that has a clear line of sight to the cell towers. Ideally this is outside, and then you can use a normal coax cable to connect to the inside base station that has a small adjustable whip antenna.

    With the Metro the antenna is a unique white plastic box a couple of inches thick that uses suction cups to stick to a window pane. The Metro is designed for folks in an office building, or a home with a single level. The suction cups let you easily move the antenna, or have it travel with you. The base station looks very similar to the SOHO but with a grey color, while the SOHO is white and orange. The SOHO has a greater range up to 3,000 sq. ft., while the range of the Metro is 1,500 sq. ft.

    Which unit you choose depends upon your needs and physical requirements. Many locations – especially hotels, offices, apartments, or rentals – may not allow you to mount an external antenna, so the portability of the Metro is a good fit. One option to mount the SOHO in a less visible or obtrusive way would be to mount it in attic. The signal won’t be as strong, but it is an easy way to avoid routing the coax from inside to outside.

    Both units perform rather favorable, and both boast dual-band capability, so most phones are covered with the exception of Nextel/iDEN or 4G, 2100 MHz phones. We measured the increase in our phones’ bar strength, and both increased reception by at least three bars. The range from the base station was one differentiation between the models, with the SOHO’s signal reaching a wider area with a more consistent signal strength farther away from the base station. The Metro’s antenna stuck to our window panes just fine. I would recommend, as indicated in the instructions, that users should take some time to test the antenna on different window locations to find the one that provides the strongest signal strength. Using the system is easy; just plug and play. Mount the antenna, roll out the cable to the base station, plug in the small power brick, and that’s pretty much it.

    Once you have a unit running, it’s easy to forget you’re depending on it. This was driven home in September, when Hurricane Irene hit the northeast and knocked out power for several days in our neighborhood. With no landlines operational we relied upon cell phones and suddenly we were experiencing more dropped calls than normal in most of our house. Why? We realized that we had no power to our Metro, so had to walk outside to get a consistent signal (note: the loss of power was after the hurricane had passed – not during the storm!). As proof of how effective the Z-Boost Metro can be, as soon as power was restored so were our cell phones! When “Can you hear me now?” isn’t working, the Metro and SOHO units work invisibly in the background to keep dropped calls to a minimum and both come highly recommended. The YX540 Metro and YX545 SOHO Cell Phone Signal Boosters are Mac Edition Radio Holiday Picks!

    Harris Fogel, posted 11/27/2011


  • Testimonial Tuesday - Dropped Calls Eliminated on 18th Floor with zBoost

    November 15, 2011 - Leave a Comment

    We've been using zBoost for the past 6 months and absolutely love
    what it has done for our cell phone usability on the 18th floor of our office building.
    Since using zBoost, we no longer have dropped or even missed calls from clients, keeping us better connected to our lifeline.

    Thank you again

    David D. Doll, CIMA®

    Senior Vice President
    Senior Investment Management Consultant
    The Doll Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC
    Atlanta, GA 30305
  • Testimonial Tuesday: zBoost Keeps Teleworker Happy and Dry

    August 31, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    Our Testimonial this week is from Lauren M. in Denver, she is a Senior Communicator in Corporate Communications.

    I work in corporate communications, and I need to be available at a moment’s notice in situations, where there is news at work that has to be communicated to employees. I work from home on a regular basis, and it’s important to be available to my colleagues pretty much all the time. It was unbelievably frustrating when one of them would try to call me on my cell phone…half the time my phone wouldn’t ring at all, and then two hours later I would see that there was a new voice mail. The signal at my house was just terrible, and when I worked fromhome, I was on pins and needles that I might be missing an important call.

    I  live in Denver, and often this Winter and Spring (before I installed my zBoost) I had to go outside to get a signal – in snow, rain, and even hail. It was completely pathetic. I would come in from a call looking like a drowned rat. No more going outside in all kinds of weather to get a signal; no more missed calls from work; no more worrying about missing calls from work – the zBoost is fantastic for keeping me connected to work and for my peace of mind.

    It was stunning how easy it was to set up my zBoost. I went from having zero bars in most of the house to having five bars pretty much everywhere in a matter of thirty seconds.

    My zBoost has been absolutely trouble-free – installing it was unbelievably easy, and it’s worked like a charm ever since. The zBoost is so completely, consistently perfect.

    I love my zBoost probably more than a person should love what is, technically, an inanimate object. It’s just amazing.

  • Testimonial Tuesday

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    Thanks Rod for sharing your story and pictures of you zBoost installation both at your primary home in Springfield, Nebraska and your family farm/hunting lodge near Cook, Nebraska. 


    I own two 510 units.  I use one in a rural location and there I use the directional and optional yagi style antenna.  The other 510 is at my home in Springfield, Nebraska. 

    The rural location is a farmhouse that I grew up in.  My family has managed to hang on to the farm and the house.  I guess you could call it a hunting lodge, but it’s far more really.  It’s a place I can take my young grandsons and ride ATV’s, drive tractors for fun, that kind of thing.  The nearest cell site to the farmhouse is at Cook Nebraska, and that’s only about 5 miles as the crow flies, but the terrain is rolling hills.  Our property is sort of down in a hole, along a creek.  I suppose I get the best of 2 bars outdoors at this location.  Inside, with the Z-Boost, I get the worst of 3 bars and many times this signal indicator is maxed out.  It was OK with the supplied external antenna but was better after I added the optional directional antenna.  The yagi antenna at the farm really improved my signal there, especially with data.  My lap top now works as well there as it does here at home. At home in Springfield, when the satellite TV installer upgraded our home to Hi Def, he managed to leave a length of coaxial cable that was no longer needed for TV.  I utilized that for my antenna line and mounted the directional antenna to the DISH unit with a piece of PVC pipe and zip ties. Works really well.   

    By the way, I love these products, it sure solved my problems.  Solved them so much that I got rid of my land line phone and now use only 3G for internet access as well .

    Thanks for supplying this great product.   
     Rod K from Springfield NE 

  • Testimonial Tuesday

    July 20, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    This week's Testimonial comes from Rob Levy in Alpharetta, GA. He's in sales, and works from his home office which is located in his basement. Rob's home is at the "bottom of the bowl" where they have experienced exceptionally bad service, and has made the basement a complete dead zone. Recently, Rob has set up a YX510, to help remedy the situation.

    Why have you chosen to work with zBoost over the competitors?
     I did not consider any competitors or any alternative technology (Wi-Fi VoIP) to increase wireless signal strength.

    Why is having a zBoost important for you in your line of work?
    I work from home where the cell service is either sporadic or of such limited signal strength that I miss or have trouble making wireless calls. It's important for me to be able to stay in touch with clients are recieve calls reliably while at home.

    Do you have any funny or interesting stories related to working with zBoosts?
    We were just on vacation in Cape San Blas, FL and staying in a rental home with NO cell phone reception, except for in 1 bedroom where a zBoost unit was installed. Our entire family has to use Grandma and Grampa's bedroom, where the zBoost was located, to place their calls the entire time we were on vacation!

    Anything you would like to say about being a testimonial for Wi-Ex’s zBoost?
     I like the concept of boosting cell phone strength at home and have finally found a solution using the YX510 zBoost by Wi-Ex. We are using a window entry cable, so were able to place the antenna outside without running the cable inside the wall.

     Visit us at Wi-Ex.com and see how the zBoost can improve your cell phone signal in your home and home office!

  • Wi-Ex in an Emergency

    July 6, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    Jyl Nipper, the voice behind The Post-it Place blog (http://thepost-itplace.com/blog) wrote to Wi-Ex to tell us how her zBoost Dual Band for Home or Office played such an important role in helping her injured son.

    I was next door at my Mom’s house helping her care for her terminally ill fiancé, my children and my sister’s children were all outside playing and trying to stay out of the way since we knew that time was short.

    A few weeks prior I had installed a zBoost cell phone signal booster in my home to help boost our cell phone signal, since we live so far out and often lose signal and can’t make calls. Thank goodness I had. My daughter called me and informed me that my son was hammering a nail in a board and that he slipped and the claw end of the hammer was imbedded in his skull. 

    Without Wi-Ex’s zBoost cell phone signal booster the call wouldn’t have gone through and I wouldn’t have been able to call 911, therefore consequences could have been much worse. Luckily he just required staples and a scar.

  • The zBoost Pocket Keeps Us Connected on Cape San Blas, FL

    May 18, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    Cape San Blas, FL is an 18 mile long peninsula stretching out into the Gulf of Mexico and has some of the prettiest beaches in the world.  It was named the number one beach in the United States in 2002.  Unfortunately, it also has some of the worst cell service, especially if AT&T or Sprint is your carrier.

    Last week I spent 4 wonderful days teleworking from Cape San Blas and was so happy that I had taken my zBoost Pocket (YX110) with me on the trip. The zBoost pocket is quite small and it easily fit in the front pocket of my brief case.

    I'm not sure how the signal works on the Cape. Depending on the time of day you can go from no service to 1 bar while standing outside, with definitely no service in the house. As the zBoost instructions make very clear, the product does not create a signal, so when there is no service outside, the zBoost will not create a signal and bring it in.

    What it did do very well, is take 1 bar and boost it to 3 bars.  This allowed me and my daughter to make very clear cell phone calls. At one point, she said, "Mom this zBoost really works!"  We have visited Cape San Blas many times and this is the first time we were able to make cell calls from our rental home, A Tropical Breeze. www.vrbo.com/17507.

    In the past, I have experienced bad cell service in New York City, Hilton Head SC, Lakeside, OH and of course in the rural areas driving to these locations. For all future trips, my zBoost Pocket will be one of the first things I pack.

  • Testimonial Tuesday

    April 6, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    I have tried many cell reception boosters in the past that had great claims about how great your cell service was going to be after buying their product. All previous purchases didn't really work, at least not enough to notice. The $299 I spent on the Wi-Ex Zboost was a substantial investment that I was hesitant about making because of my experiences with the other companies, but I really needed to use my cell to make clear phone calls.

    I am a glassblower in Wells, Vermont where cell service is pretty spotty. Clear reception is essential for running my business and nobody likes getting one of "those static cell phone calls".

    Even though the cell phone provider guaranteed me service at my house, I got no bars until I got my zBoost. After adding the zBoost, I went from 0-1 bars to getting full service. Anywhere I previously got 1 bar, I now get full bars. And many, many places where I didn't have any service I can now make clear calls. Cell service is priceless and buying the zBoost was worth every penny and so much more. If you live in rural America, this is the product for you. It's quite rare that I'm this ecstatic about a product.

     The zBoost is really, probably one of the best products I ever purchased. -Jason

    My company is called Jason Lewis Glass and you can see more of my work JasonLewisGlass.com

    (Note from Wi-Ex: This picture is of a beautiful piece by Jason Lewis called "Earth the Final Frontier")

  • Testimonial Tuesday

    March 9, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    Derrick, I enjoyed talking with you on Friday. Again I would like to thank Wi-Ex for their great products. My professional background is electrical safety and infrared technology.

    I live in a very bad reception area for all electronics in Hanover County, VA. I purchased a zboost YX500 for my Verizon cell phone and a YX055 Yagi 15 db gain antenna. After playing with the position and direction for a few days, I finally locked in to a good signal in my home office.

    Before installing the unit I would get 0-1 bars in the house and outside of the house. I would get 1-2 bars standing 100 feet from the house in the street with a lot of dropped calls in all locations. After installing the unit I get 3-4 bars with 3 bars being the average with NO dropped calls.

    Thanks again!! My best, Lowry Eads

  • Testimonial Tuesday

    February 9, 2010 - Leave a Comment

    This week's testimonial is from a church struggling with their cell phone signal. Since almost 70% of cell phone users experience cell signal problems in their home or office, it's not surprising that this church was also experiencing signal problems in the church offices.

    After installing the zBoost Dual Band for Home and Office they emailed to say, “We installed the zBoost Dual Band on Tuesday and it works great. Everyone in the church office noticed a significant improvement. Now we do not need to walk around to improve our cell signal.”

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