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  • Site of the Week: Powerful Signal

    October 2, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    Founded in 2006 and based out of St George, Utah, Powerful Signal, LLC is dedicated to help their customers make the best product selections for their cellular signal needs. Powerful Signal carries Wi-Ex zBoost products and prides themselves on providing quality products and quality services to their customers by using their experience and product knowledge to help their customers find the right product for their signal needs. Powerful Signal provides an expansive line of cellular amplification solutions for vehicles, homes, buildings, RV’s and boats.


    We talked to Kevin Taylor, of Powerful Signal and asked him a few questions about his experiences dealing with the Wi-Ex zBoost products:

    Why have you chosen to work with zBoost over the competitors?

     One of the main reasons we chose zBoost was the superior marketing of their products.

    When selling zBoosts, what tactics work best for you?

     When selling zBoost we try very hard to make sure that the product they want is a good fit for the problem they are trying to solve.


    Anything you would like to say about being selected for Wi-Ex’s Site of the Week:

    It is always a nice feeling to be selected and spotlighted.  We try very hard at Powerful Signal to deliver a quality product that solves the customer's problem.  We also pride ourselves on our high quality in-house sales and technical staff that are 100% focused on cellular amplifier technology and solutions.

  • zBoost Dealer in the Spotlight

    July 10, 2009 - Leave a Comment

    John Dufour, owner of Wireless One Source, a family owned and operated business established since 1973, has been an authorized zBoost dealer since Sept of 2008. He is a wireless industry expert who also offers professional installation on every zBoost sale to ensure customer satisfaction.

    "John's commitment to the zBoost product line proves his passion to provide his customers the best solutions at the best price." Says Ryan Joyner, Wi-Ex Technical Sales Specialist.

    Why have you chosen to add the zBoosts to your product offering?

    We needed a solution that actually worked, at a lower price point. We tested the zBoost system and  were delighted with the outcome. They performed like our more expensive units, plus the systems are completely expandable. We've  been able to do  large homes, and offices with the optional directional outside antennas, in combination with splitters and multiple indoor antennas.

    When selling zBoosts, what tactics work best for you?

    We are Wireless Specialist so when someone comes into our location or calls our location they are already interested in our product offerings-this makes it easy to sell a zBoost system with its price point and proven effectiveness. We also use a running unit in our retail location where we can show our walk in customers how the unit performs.

    Do you have any interesting customer stories?

    We were a sponsor in our local Ducks Unlimited Banquet and were allowed to setup a booth to show our products. As I was thinking of what we wanted to display I thought of the building that this banquet was going to be held in...A large Metal Building in town. Having been in this building before I knew the indoor coverage was very  poor. We went in a couple of hours before the Banquet started and basically "soft" installed a Dual Band Unit (YX610) with 2 internal panel antennas and provided seem less coverage throughout the building. Everyone was impressed and we got a lot of exposure that night.

    We've helped a lot of different customers with signal issues...one specifically I can think of was a rural hospital that was required to setup a back-up communications room for Home Land Security.  They had someone come in to run a Ham Radio setup so they would have communications if their landline service died.  We were called in to provide cellular signal inside of this block structured room.  We setup a YX-510 Dual band system inside this room (which had NO PRIOR CELLULAR SERVICE) which provided full coverage throughout.  This room also has generator back up power.  We have since had other hospitals calling for quotes on very similar setups.

    Anything you would like to say about being selected as Wi-Ex's Dealer in the Spotlight:

    We were delighted to provide feedback on such a great product. If anyone is unsure of the product and would like to contact us for an unbiased opinion please feel free to do so. We sell a lot of different systems but when it comes to Price vs. Performance Wi-Ex has the best bang for the buck!!

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