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    December 1, 2014 - Leave a Comment

    Brad Pransky, Editor at INT2View.com, an Interactive Intelligence e-publication, recently reviewed the zBoost Mobile1 Cell Phone Signal Booster.  Pransky depicts the challenges he and many face when traveling or spending time outdoors when cell signal is sometimes weak.  Some excerpts from his article are below.  Please see the entire article here.

    Do you ever:

    1. Travel (drive, train etc.) and find yourself losing cell service?
    2. Hike, bike ride (motor or pedal), explore only to find yourself in a cell service black hole?
    3. Find yourself in the woods, in a tent, with a bear....and sketchy cell phone service? ...
    4. ... Up a creek, with or without a paddle, and barely one bar on your cell phone?

    Who ya' gonna' call???


     Cause you don't have a signal...unless...

    you have the zBoost ZB245 mobile 1 cell phone signal booster.

    We have all experienced those times when the signal on worlds end trailour cell phone is less than desirable. If it's at a specific location, such as your home, or a portion of it, there are devices to remedy that. We tested one a while back from zBoost and it worked beautifully. But what if you're in your car? Let's say your daily commute or a road trip you're planning leaves you with the ugly reality of negligible cell service. Let's say you're tired of finding out you've been talking to yourself for several minutes. zBoost has an economical product for that too; the zBoost Mobile 1 in vehicle cell phone signal booster (ZB245) ($89.99) Continue reading

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