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  • Beware of Identity Tax Refund Fraud

    February 19, 2015 - Leave a Comment

    As many of us prepare to file our income tax returns again this year, we can't help but feel concern about the potential for tax refund fraud.  What began in 2008 has tripled over the past three years.  Millions of American citizens are affected.Free scam computer

    Identity theft has many unfortunate consequences.  One of which is tax refund fraud. With your name, date of birth and social security number, a thief can file a fake tax return and collect your refund. The IRS has not been able to stop it.  In fact, they estimate that it sent out almost three million fraudulent refunds last year. The Government Accountability Office estimate that it cost tax payers $5.2 billion.  And, the Treasury Department estimates the numbers are even much higher. Continue reading

  • Valentine Gifts For Your Techie Sweetheart

    February 12, 2015 - Leave a Comment

    “I Love You Key Laptop Message Shows Loving Or Romance” by Stuart Miles @freedigitalphotos.net “I Love You Key Laptop Message Shows Loving Or Romance” by Stuart Miles @freedigitalphotos.net

    It's almost Valentine's Day.  Are you still looking for that special gift for your Techie Sweetie?  Why not skip the flowers and chocolates and get something they will appreciate and use for a much longer time.

    Eileen McCooey with ConsumerReports.Org recently described some great ideas in 5 Valentine's Day gifts your techie sweetheart will love.  Among her suggestions are the following:

    • Amazon Fire TV Stick, $39 - Stay home and cuddle up while you watch a movie with your special someone.  With the Amazon Fire TV Stick you can stream movies to your home TV and enjoy!
    • Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker, $130 - Stream music with the wireless speaker from up to eight devices such as smartphones and tablets.  It's lightweight and rechargeable.
    • Motorola Moto 360 smart watchfrom $250 - This is a really great looking smart watch!  And, of course, it can provide alerts for incoming texts, calls, e-mails, etc.

    Please check out all the techie gift ideas here.

  • ToolsMust.com reviews zBoost ZB545 SOHO

    February 4, 2015 - Leave a Comment

    ToolsMust.com recently reviewed zBoost  in Cell Phone Booster For Home : zBoost ZB545 SOHO. The article emphasized the need for a good signal :

    "Cell phone itself doesn’t make sense without having a good carrier signal. Getting a good carrier signal not only depends upon the carrier provider but also depends upon the signal reception on your phone. Signal strength mainly varies due to hindrances caused by large buildings, trees, terrain, etc. Weak signals cause dropped calls, slow data rate and bad voice quality..."

    They tested the zBoost ZB545 SOHO and outlined the installation, usage, and compatibly.  Their conclusion:

    "This zBoost home cell booster not only strengthens your carrier signal and but also reduces the battery consumption of your phone."

    zBoost TRIO SOHO Set up Overview zBoost TRIO SOHO Set up Overview

    Please read the entire article here.

  • Community Gets Cell Phone Service with Help from zBoost

    January 23, 2015 - Leave a Comment

    Grey River is a small remote fishing community located on the south coast of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.   It was highlighted on a radio report by Danielle Barron, VOCM am radio on December 31, 2014.  

    GRey River & zBoost antennaIMG_1549"The residents of the small community of Grey River got a big Christmas present this year, one that connects them to surrounding communities.  The isolated town of 110 is only assessable by boat but it just got a lot closer to the rest of the world with cell phone service and wireless internet.  Dave MacDonald of  Burgeo Broadcasting System set the town up with solar panels providing the power."

    The audio can also be heard here:

    [audio mp3="http://www.zboost.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/2014-12-31-1318-VOCM.mp3"][/audio]


    zBoost supplied an Industrial Grade IC Approved Cell Phone Signal Booster that included a YX055 antenna, which provides increased coverage by boosting 800 MHz/CEL signal strength when pointed in the direction of best signal.  Grey River is about 0.75KM down the hill from the repeater site.

    yx055-cell antenna YX055-CEL
  • 4 Helpful Apps for Homeowners

    January 20, 2015 - Leave a Comment

    By: Tim Smith

    The iTunes App Store and Google Play Store offer countless apps for everything from social media to multimedia, time management to financial management, games to helpful utilities, and everything in between. Out of the hundreds and thousands of apps available to smartphone and tablet users, many apps offer unique, useful features and are available either for free or up to a few dollars.

    4 HelpfulAppsforHomeowners

    You'll also find a range of helpful apps for homeowners, such as apps for creating a comprehensive maintenance plan, budgeting apps that remind you when bills are due, and even apps essential to anyone embarking on a remodeling or redecorating project. Here are 4 such apps that give homeowners helpful, convenient features for managing their home and budget.


    Just $1.99 from the iTunes App Store and $2.99 from the Google Play Store, BillMinder is more than your standard financial planner. The app allows users to input all their monthly expenses -- mortgage, insurance, credit card bills, cell phone bills, loan or car payments, medical bills -- into a convenient calendar. BillMinder can then show users a list of upcoming bills, can alert you to approaching due dates, and can even generate expense reports to show you where your money is going and ways you can reduce your expenses. For the price of just a couple dollars, BillMinder will keep you from paying those pesky late fees and will be your go-to app for financial planning and budgeting. Continue reading

  • Report Shows that Poor Indoor Cellphone Reception Keeps Landlines Alive

    January 12, 2015 - Leave a Comment

    William Neilson of Android Authority authored an article using the Harris Poll, commissioned by zBoost.  A recent Harris Poll finds that one-in-five people are still dealing with significant cellphone reception issues in their homes and therefore keep a landline.

    This follows a previous poll which showed that one-in-three are forced to take steps to “boost” their indoor cellphone reception at their primary residence.  Some of those steps included:

    • heading outside
    • standing still like a statue
    • running for the closest window


    Please see the entire article here.

  • Why People Still Spend Money on Landlines - zBoost Smartphone Survey Finds 18 Percent of Consumers Who Have a Landline Keep It Due to Poor Indoor Reception

    January 6, 2015 - Leave a Comment

    Eighteen percent of consumers who have a landline keep it due to poor indoor cell phone reception including poor indoor reception, choppy voice, and missed calls, according to the zBoost Smartphone Survey, commissioned by zBoost, a leading provider of consumer cell phone signal booster kits and conducted online in December 2014 by Harris Poll. The zBoost line of cell phone signal boosters, showcased at Pepcom at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), increases indoor cell phone signal allowing consumers to drop landlines and enjoy the features of their smartphone in the comfort of their home.

    Continue reading

  • zBoost Partners with InstallerNet to Provide Customers Direct Access to a Nationwide Installation Program for Cell Phone Signal Boosters

    January 5, 2015 - Leave a Comment

    zBoost, a leading provider of consumer cell phone signal boosters announced a partnership with Boston-based InstallerNet. Through the partnership, zBoost customers will have access to one of the largest networks of independently owned mobile and home electronics installers in the United States. InstallerNet will provide nationwide installation services for zBoost’s line of cell phone signal boosters.

    ZB545-image-lo“With 18 percent of consumers keeping their landlines because of poor cell phone signal, based on a recent nationwide survey conducted by Harris Poll, the addition of a zBoost cell phone signal booster is an answer for those who want to break free from the cost of paying for a landline that they no longer want or need,” said Frank Smith director of sales with zBoost. “The relationship with InstallerNet provides zBoost customers with access to a network of professional installers to help them resolve their poor indoor cell phone signal challenges and keep them connected via their mobile phones.”



    zBoost customers will have the option to schedule their appointment online, or call InstallerNet directly.

    InstallerNet will then select a fully trained local installer from its network and tailor the experience to the customer’s specific needs.

    The zBoost line of home cell phone signal boosters improves indoor cell phone signal by capturing the outside signal, bringing it indoors through a co-axial cable, enhancing and boosting it to provide a reliable indoor signal.

    Features and benefits of a zBoost signal booster include:

    • Reduces missed calls for multiple users simultaneously
    • Boosts performance on iPhone™, Samsung™, Android™ and other phones and mobile devices
    • Automatically operates at maximum gain – no manual adjustments needed
    • Extends phone battery life - phone uses less power when the indoor signal is stronger
    • Ideal for a variety of home sizes that have reliable outside signal
    • Designed in Silicon Valley – Made in North America

    “InstallerNet is extremely excited to partner with zBoost,” said Bill Erdman, COO of InstallerNet. “We look forward to working with zBoost customers to help keep them connected at home.”

    For more information on zBoost and InstallerNet visit www.zBoost.com.

  • Happy Holidays From The zBoost Team

    December 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment

    Happy Holidays from zBoost!

    Karen Reynolds, president of zBoost and all of the zBoost team celebrated the holidays at Sonesta Gwinnett Place.   The event included great food, amazing desserts, an "old school" band, dancing, games and prizes. Zach Brown was the big winner of the evening. Thanks to Terri Hill and everyone involved for arranging such a fun and creative event.


    Great Food Great Food

    Amazing Desserts

    Amazing Desserts

    Continue reading

  • New ATM Skimmers Put Consumers at Risk

    December 15, 2014 - Leave a Comment

    Card Skimmers can be anywhere you swipe your credit or debit cards; ATM's, gas stations or even your local post office.  It is important to be observant before you swipe, but unfortunately many of these can be very difficult to detect.  Thieves are now trying  a new type of wiretapping device that can steal your account numbers without needing access to your card’s magnetic stripe.  

    FREE ATM "Young Woman Using Atm Machine" by patrisyu FreeDigitalPhotos.net

    Fox Van Allen of Techlicious explains in his article Beware New 'Wiretap' ATM Skimmers, one way that they do this:

    Criminals drill a small hole into the front of an ATM machine where the “insert card” decal is located. They then feed a wire into the machine using a metal rod to tap the ATM’s existing card reader. A new decal is then pasted over the hole, making the crime incredibly difficult to detect.

    Van Allen also describes another device being used called an “insert transmit skimmer.”  Please read his entire article to learn about this threat here.

    Both of these new devices require a hidden camera for thieves to steal your PIN, so always cover your hand when entering your pin.  

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