zBoost Machine-to-Machine Division

Recent reports predict the number of cellular M2M connections will grow to more than 160 million by the end of 2011 and up to 390 million by 2014.

The zBoost Machine-to-Machine, M2M, Division focuses on providing M2M solutions for key markets including:


zBoost YX079

4G+ Data Hub Antenna Kit: High-Gain Wide-Band External Antenna Kit


  • Highest-gain external antenna kit - designed for M2M applications
  • Provides increased coverage for all cellular bands (700MHz - 2600MHz)
  • 10dBi LTE and CEL bands / 12dBi PCS and AWS bands

hardware and 50 feet of LMR 400 cable with an SMA connector

*Not Compatible with zBoost cell phone antenna booster systems

 zBoost YX079 4G+ Data Hub Specs

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    • consumer facing point-of-sale devices such as kiosks, vending machines and ATMs
    • mobile data collection, health and medical monitoring
    • industrial machine-to-machine communications

We generally use custom developed and existing zBoost products (See antenna, right) for M2M applications. Inquire about your application by contacting the zBoost M2M division.

According to IDC Technology Spotlight, Sponsored by zBoost, “From Consumer-Centric to Business Essential: Extending Smartphone and Mobile Broadband Device Service into the Workplace,” IDC #1073, January, 2011, "Used for years to improve sub-par cell service in homes, signal-boosting technology has come of age to provide increased signal strength throughout a business facility."

The Spotlight adds, "Strong cellular signals are critical for any of these smartphone and machine-to-machine solutions to be effective. These devices are frequently located in basements, deep within buildings. Weak signals are more susceptible to interference and therefore must be strengthened to ensure that coverage across a campus or within a building is strong.”


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