YX540-LAP (Discontinued)

YX540-LAP (Discontinued)

zBoost Metro Cell Booster for Single-Story Settings - Latin America

Setup overview:

The package includes everything you need: amplifier base unit, power supply, base unit antenna, coaxial cable (RG59-mini), signal antenna and mounting hardware. The wide radio wave beam width directional antenna receives signals from multiple cell towers.


Check For Signal Strength

Before placing a zBoost® in your home, make sure that you can place calls near the window or wherever you plan to place the Signal Antenna. zBoost® can only bring signal into your home when signal reaches the Signal Antenna.

Using your cell phone, place a call near this location to confirm that enough signal is present to complete the call.

If you can reliably make and receive calls at that location then zBoost® can bring the signal into your home.


Setting Up Your zBoost® Signal Booster

FIRST: Place the Signal Antenna on the interior of a window located in the area of best signal.
Determine the location that provides the strongest signal using the signal strength indicator on your cell phone. Find the location on the window that provides the most bars of signal strength. Fasten to the Signal Antenna, and secure to your window.

In order to capture the strongest signal, you may do one or all of the following:

  1. Move the antenna around the window – higher is usually better.
  2. Use the long suction cup attachments provided, in order to create a greater angle in which to capture the signal. The suction cups must be vertical on the window.
  3. For best performance keep the Signal Antenna 2 feet from any metal.

SECOND: Place the zBoost Base Unit where you want to create a Cell Zone™
Connect the Base Unit Antenna and coax to the Base Unit and place it where you need signal. For the widest possible signal area, it is recommended that you position the Base Unit near the middle of a room or mount it on an interior wall. This Base Unit uses an omni-directional antenna that delivers signal in a circular pattern around the antenna. The zBoost METRO does not require vertical separation; however, the Signal Antenna and Base Unit Antenna should have at least 8 feet of horizontal separation. Increasing separation of the 2 antennas will optimize zBoost performance.

The Base Unit can be mounted either directly on a wall or placed on a flat surface (e.g. a bookshelf, desk, end table, etc.). For best results, keep the Base Unit off the floor and at least 2 feet away from other cords, metal objects or other wireless devices such as wireless routers or wireless access points. The zBoost METRO performs best when there are no obstructions between the zBoost Base Unit and your mobile device.

THIRD: Run the provided coaxial cable between the Base Unit and Signal Antenna.
Use the provided RG-59(mini) coaxial cable to connect the Signal Antenna and the Base Unit. Coaxial connections can loosen when the cable is moved. Be sure the connections stay hand-tight.

FOURTH: Connect the zBoost Base Unit to the provided power supply and plug into a power outlet
Upon initial power up, a solid green LED should appear indicating normal conditions. If a red light appears, adjustments may be needed. NOTE: The Base Unit can be plugged into a standard 2 or 3 prong 110 VAC receptacle using the Included power supply. The power supply consumes less than 10W (less than 0.2A AC).

Confirm That Your zBoost® is Working Properly

Perform the following steps to confirm that the unit is now working properly:

  1. Unplug the Base Unit power cord.
  2. Turn on your cell phone and check the signal meter.
  3. Plug the power cord into the Base Unit.
  4. Hold your cell phone about 3 feet from the Base Unit and then turn it on. Wait up to 1 minute for the cell phone to register the signal coming from the Base Unit.
  5. If the signal meter shows improvement, your zBoost® unit is working properly.
Package Contents

Base Unit with Base Unit Antenna

Power Supply

Signal Antenna

Coaxial Cable

Long Suction Cup Attachment

Short Suction Cup Attachment