zBoost YX079 4G+ Data Hub Antenna Kit: High Gain Wide Band External Antenna Kit for Canada

Highest-gain external antenna kit designed for wireless data hubs. Wide band directional log periodic signal antenna that provides increased coverage for all cellular bands (700MHz - 2600MHz) when aimed in the direction of best signal.

This product is not compatible with any zBoost cell phone booster kit and is intended for use with M2M solutions.

10dBi LTE and CEL bands / 12dBi PCS and AWS bands

Includes: antenna (17.3 inches), L-bracket, u-bolt mounting hardware and 50 feet of LMR 400 cable with an SMA connector

antenna aiming illustration

To order, please call Customer Service at 1-800-871-1612 Or, locate an international zBoost dealer or distributor