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Dropping Landlines: The Drop in Landline Raises Demand for Reliable Indoor Cell Phone Signal
zBoost Smartphone Survey | Harris Poll | December 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Eighteen percent of consumers who have a landline keep it due to poor indoor cell phone reception including poor indoor reception, choppy voice, and missed calls, according to the zBoost Smartphone Survey. 

Landlines, Cell Phone Signal, Mobile, CES 2015, Infographic

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Connection a Must for Life Uninterrupted
Life Uninterrupted Survey | Harris Poll | August 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the vast majority of smartphone owners experiencing service problems, a reliable indoor cell phone signal is an essential tool for making Connected Living a reality.

Cell phone signal connection statistics | Infographic

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Mobile Innovation Movement
How mobile technology has revolutionized the way we connect, live, work and play  [INFOGRAPHIC]

From the first wireless communication to wearable devices, the unstoppable Mobile Movement dictates how we run both our personal and professional lives. 

Mobile Innovation Statistics Infographic

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As seen in's i3: It Is Innovation magazine (Jan-Feb '14)


Tips, Tech and Tools: Keeping You Connected, Organized and Entertained

55% of cell phone users access the internet on their mobile

In our mobile and content-driven world, we utilize technology to ensure we stay connected, organized and entertained.

According to Pew research, 55% of cell phone owners use their phones to go online including to browse the Internet, exchange emails, or download apps and basically stay connected.


Staying organized and entertained are also basic benefits of smartphones and new technology.

According to Harvard Business Reviews Vision Statement, “How People Really Use Mobile”, 34% of all interactions on a mobile device is for productivity and 46 percent of people use their mobile devices for their “me time” including, watching videos, reading a gossip site, playing games and window shopping

How people use their mobile devices