White Papers

The Washington Post "Advancements in Mobile Technology" - September 2011

"In addition to making it easier to stay in touch with loved ones, using a smartphone on the go allows me to be more efficient and saves me time and money. The apps are amazing—whether scanning barcodes or dropping my landline to save money, mapping addresses to save time or checking reviews for restaurants, the smartphone makes my life more enjoyable." Sharon Cuppett, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Wi-Ex.

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Sky Radio- April 2010
CEO Lloyd R. Meese is interviewed on Sky Radio.

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The Washington Post - "Cybersecurity Report 2010" - March 2010
Quote - "As a leader in wireless communications, we know firsthand the impact poor in-door cell phone signal has on today’s mobile consumer especially when it comes to personal safety and emergencies. According to our zBoost “State of the cell Signal” Survey, commissioned by Wi-Ex , and conducted by Harris Interactive, nearly 70 percent of cell phone owners consider their cell phone their essential communications tool and 67 percent of owners experience problems with their cell phone signal at home."

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Mobile World Congress Daily 2010 - "Teleworking and Mobile Technology - Making it work" - February 2010
Teleworking is more than a fad. Recent industry reports estimate that more than 12 million employees in the U.S. telework more than eight hours a week. This increase in teleworking can be attributed to numerous factors including the dramatic increase in the worldwide cost of fuel, the increase in the commuter time in large cities and the advancement of teleworking tools, most specifically, the increase in mobiles and their business productivity applications.

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